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    I’ve had zero problems here, does it keep happening ?

    Did you double check you didn’t leave any old vbs files elsewhere then the script folder? That’s the only place they should be in

    Yeah, out of the 4 games I’ve played… it’s happened each time. Scripts are only in the Script folder.

    You didn’t by any chance change the zscale camera?

    No, I didn’t do any scaling on Z, but did do X and Y scaling only.

    @dazz That’s a weird one too and not one I’ve run across. So you do not get a sound for the upkick kicking either? only the drop? For a test try changing this line (should be 6885):

    Sub sw36_Hit:Controller.Switch(36) = 1:End Sub

    to this

    Sub sw36_Hit:Controller.Switch(36) = 1:PlaySoundAt (“fx_knocker”),RubberPost1:End Sub

    That way we can see if the ball is at least getting to the kicker or not.

    No, never got any VUK sounds either… sounded like the ball just went off  into the void.


    Try selecting wall “metal13” in the editor, set a top height of 100, and see if that fixes the issue.

    Thanks. I’ll give this a shot later this evening.


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