Reply To: Solenoid stuck on & caught on fire


    @sniiki the software does not have a “bug” Ive been running feedback well on 6 years and never smoked anything. BUT lets say you exit wrong or an error in table script i suppose that could leave a output stuck on in some weird state but really would be more of a problem with solenoids you are using or wiring issue but your right a solenoid should never stick on normally.

    @arngrim could anything be wrong with this table to cause a stuck solenoid? I have not tried the table so cant report any issues with it

    Good to hear. Please don’t take me wrong, I don’t mean to blame software or point fingers. I just wanted to rise this question why couldn’t we add such simple parameter to control software just in case. In the end monitoring needs to be at HW level to make sure it’s safe but SW monitoring wouldn’t hurt either.


    sniiki wrote:
    I noticed that controlling IRF540N mosfet was killed in action too

    It could very well be that a failed mosfet is what CAUSED the problem, as opposed to being harmed by the issue.

    Yeah it could. But I’d think it’s more likely that it got burned in the process when the solenoid got so hot it melted the wires, shorting it and causing shit load of current to rush through. Why my 12VDC supply overload protection didn’t kick in? Dunno, cause it’s bad quality I think. I have a new Meanwell PSU on the way anyway for other reasons.


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