Reply To: Darling Restoration


    Here’s an interesting thing that I learned while restoring this game.  When I’ve made VP backglasses I’ve noticed that some EM’s have flashing sections of the backglass and other don’t.  These flashing sections are usually behind the title of the table.  I assumed that there was some mechanism that controlled the flashing and I even spent a bit of time watching a Capersville video to map out the sequence of flashes.

    It turns out that these games had bulbs that had a bimetalic strip in them that opens and closes with heat just like incandescent turn signal bulbs on a car.  You can tell which sections in a backglass are designed to have these bulbs by looking for dished out cuts into the board that holds the bulbs.  The dished out areas are made so that the round bulbs can fit more easily.   You can see the flasher bulbs on my Darling game just above the credit reel and standard bulbs everywhere else.


    A lot of guys just put in standard non blinking bulbs so that is why some games flash and others don’t.  Some folks on Pinside say that the Game Over bulb is often a flasher to cut down on heat.


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