Reply To: Star Wars Redux (BorGlieb 2019)

    • spinners, because spinners are cool, option for light saber sound effect in script

    Well said. What a pleasant surprise just firing it up with the default settings and ripping that spinner. Only topped by Alien Star @ 5x !

    I’ll probably will move some sounds around though. My fingers started shaking as the ball flew around the table. Default, table sound for SSF  is placed – at least for me around the flipper area. You want some, but not all sound to come from the table, just small changes needed though. Except for that, what a table this is. Going to read the rules and play this a lot tomorrow I’m sure. Super first impression !

    I can tell already. I’m keeping both the old and this 2019 version. They both deserve it, just like the old and the new NOBS.

    Thank you so much BorGlieb ! :good:


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