Reply To: Nube needs some guidance!


    What you are asking is pretty straight forward today. You basically download “the-all-in-one” installer. <- VPX 10.5 installer. That gives you all you really need. Since you want to start slow. And I think you are doing the absolute correct thing. You should now test that you can get a game going. – skip the first part. It is the same installer.

    What you should be aware of at this point is that this community moves forward, sometime in a fast pace. Table authors do always use the latest version of the software and you can be stuck if you don’t run the latest beta. My advice on that is to – don’t focus on it in the start. There are a huge amount of great playing tables that doesn’t required the beta. There will come a time – when you’ve gained enough experience, to jump on the betas for both VPM and VP.

    Start by playing with the keyboard. But, since you are building a cab. You have to look around for something that enable you to get rid of the keyboard. There are a few commercial products out there, and a great DIY if your handy with your fingers. I bought my kit from Zeb’s  up in Canada, I’ve been told there is a great shop in Germany and you have MJR write up on Pinscape ( DIY ).

    Hope this helps.


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