Reply To: DOFLinx: Effects! Now Available! Use DOF / MX Leds and PuP with ANY game!


    Working on something using this today… Can i confirm?

    To add custom text to this, for example i want to modify “CREDIT” multi, to “DEMONS” all white, I would:

    – copy the existing row (row16) in the “DOFLinx Effects (MX)” tab to a new row (row17),

    – Make my changes to the letters and Colors in the “command template” column

    – assign it number E900 under the “Triggers” column,

    – copy the green fields, paste formula only from the row below that down to the next green line inclusive.

    – at the bottom of the tab copy the completed (extremely long) command into the DOF CONFIG TOOL

    – From then on I can reference E900 as an effect in my Sup.ini creator tab as per your tutorial?

    Note – A problem I have currently is the config page stops responding whenever i try to clear the existing back MX code on the DOF EFFECTS rom, the code is that massive! :P

    EDIT – Got it working with custom effects, method was as expected (although took some time to get the config page to play nice) :good:

    Yes…I also have a very slow response when I update this rom’s config page for PF Back Mx…that’s normal considering the crazy size of the rom.


    It’s great that you are getting both this tool and DOF Config Creator to work for you! I have been busy between work, shoveling WAY too much snow, and testing Popper 1.4 etc to get on the forums,etc as much.


    I also need to update this tool to now include support for the latest DOFLinx version which now supports DINPUT controllers! So now ALL controllers should work with this DOFLinx!


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