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  • I have not yet dipped my toe into the DoF world yet, but a couple years ago I did manage to buy an 8-port relay board. Unfortunately I guess I bought the 5v version instead of the 12v version. Everything cool like shaker motors and solenoids are 12v. What can I drive with this relay board? Here’s  a picture.

    20201016_103222 20201016_102532

    On the relay modules it reads “…[Read more]

  • TerryRed wrote:
    For all 4:3 / 5:4 ratio (1024×768, 1280×1024) backglass monitor users, there is a new pup-pack option to use (in the updated pup-pack).

    Run the Option 4 BAT in the pup-pack folder. Then run the pup-pack editor and click “Configure Display/Positions” to use “quick position” to set your pup “Game Select” display on the backglass…

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  • I had to chuckle at this image:

    I love the build. I can’t believe that TV is 43″, what a nice fit.

    I see your playfield is resting on rails and a crossbar under the plexi. Is it just the acrylic and side rails holding the monitor down? How’s your cable management?

    Mine is a pain in the butt to work on because I have the monitor mounted to a…[Read more]

  • I’ve bought Ghostbusters three 4 times over now (Switch SPA, Steam TPA, Kindle TPA, PS4 TPA). And bought Process Lasso to get it running smoothly on my cabinet. I got into VPX tables just after this table got yanked and am kind of bummed I can’t get my hands on it to play the superior version of it. Oh well. Someone PM me if you run across it in the wild.

  • Hey guys, just wanted to say that I’ve been playing this table a lot lately and it’s one of my favorite VPX recreations. I read through this support thread and it was awesome to see the collaboration that went into this table’s creation (now if you guys can get together and finish Earthshaker!).

    I did have an issue with the b2s having only 15…[Read more]

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  • I’d also like to play the WIP, but none of the dropbox links work for me. I hope this gets finished and posted soon! The screenshots look amazing.

  • So, we’re just about caught up to present time. This is the first boot of the machine, I’m installing Windows 10 because this system has a license for it already–it’s just the way to go now and this PC can handle it great. No more TinyXP installs for me.

    First table installed an played was MM

    This thing is a beast and very hard to move…[Read more]

  • So here are my donor monitors. Both are Planar 21″ 4:3 aspect monitors. They’re big and bright and have a great viewing angle.

    First monitor mounted in backbox

    Both mounted with CP in place

    It’s time to wire this thing up. It’s the one part that is messy and takes so long, tears up your fingers, and the first part where things can really…[Read more]

  • I didn’t want a clutter of wires coming from the playfield up into the backbox. I need power for a monitor and the speaker amp, but only wanted one wire. There was no room for a power strip in there or a gangbox so I decided to tap into the AC line for the monitor.

    Made this cable tapping into the live and neutral lines of the 5-15 power cord.…[Read more]

  • There is a 2 month gap between when I laid out the control panel and doing bondo and paint. It’s not too fun being in a freezing garage doing this stuff. But I live in California, so it’s not too bad.

    I didn’t take a ton of pictures but I used bondo to cover all screwholes and seams. It was my first time working with it. Had to buy a random…[Read more]

  • With the backbox coming along I next tackled the controls. Since this is both a virtual pinball cabinet AND a vertical MAME cabinet, ala Pinkadia, I decided it should have both kinds of controls. I already have a MAME cabinet with fighting controls, I wanted something that will play vertical and 4-way games well.

    This new cabinet HAD to have a…[Read more]

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  • Your moving right along. :good: put a soda can next to cab to see size comparison I’ve been thinking about making my kids a couple “mini” cabs for their homes as they don’t have the room for a full size build
    Dangit, man I’m still catching you all up. The lock images I just posted were from Sept 13th! Got a bit of ways before I get to where I am now……[Read more]

  • How a backbox works:

    So I knew I wanted to duplicate how a Williams backbox opens up. I knew it had a little lock in the top that allowed you to get the glass out.

    From seeing operators open them and looking at parts on PinballLife I knew that the glass has a little metal lip on it called a Lift Channel which rests in an H-channel attached to…[Read more]

  • There’s three barrel locks used in this project. Two are used on the back doors, basically to keep them on the cabinet. The third is the one for the translite, I’ll show that later. To install barrel locks. They are 3/4″ round but are flat on the top and bottom to keep them from rotating in the hole. Measuring at the flat spots they’re .615″. So…[Read more]

  • So I did spend a little on niceties. I put in a $100 order with PinballLife and got a set of hinges, backglass H channel, locks, and light-up Start and Plunge buttons. Just a few touches that go a long way to finish off the mini-pin look.

    First off, backbox hinge installation. Trying them on for size

    The way these hinges work is that you drill…[Read more]

  • About the Shift Function, you are right, i also have iPac in my Cab, i always only thought it would be easier for Guests too, for me it Looks nice with a “Coin Button” … but your choice, of Course, both Solutions works well i know ( psst: easier with some Beers ;) )
    Yeah I was going to get one of those GroovyGameGear NovaGem Coin Drop Repla…[Read more]

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