• All types of pinball machines can be fun.  Sometimes folks overlook EMs but there are some that are a blast!  There are also some EMs that are duds but then again there are some SS duds as well…

  • I brush on two coats and the stuff has a weird bluish tint to it when it is in the can but dries clear.  It has a long enough open time that the brush marks level out, it will run if you put too much on.  I use latex for the base color and the createx is flat so the Minwax gives the surface a uniform sheen and helps protect the paint underneath.

  • Do you still need the schematic?

  • After a couple of days of intermittent photoshop touch up the mask and front graphics are done and can be sent of for printing at GameOnGrafix.

    GT BG

    GT BG Mask

  • Is it just me or do others find that there are a lot of unreliable folks on Pinside?  I reached out to a guy who rehabbed a GT and he said he would get me his BG file.  A month went by I nudged him for the file, a couple of weeks went by then I got a “sorry I forgot about it, I’ll post the file” and it turned out that he was going to post it on a…[Read more]

  • Scottacus replied to the topic Pirate Gold Restoration in the forum Just Pinball 1 month ago

    Put all of the cab back together today and everything worked!


    The easy stuff is now done and it’s time to repaint the apron, pull the playfield, depopulate it, clean it, repaint a large portion of it and clear coat it.


  • Scottacus replied to the topic Pirate Gold Restoration in the forum Just Pinball 1 month ago

    Yes everything that was attached to the cab was taken out (flipper buttons, flipper bearings, plunger, coin door hardware and door, cab cushions, lockdown bar retainer, rear glass support, side rails…).  Everything else is still in the cab like the daughter boards and main game board.

  • Scottacus replied to the topic Pirate Gold Restoration in the forum Just Pinball 1 month ago

    Alright time to give PG some love.  Because the artwork is complex I scanned the side of the machine and stitched the images together in Photoshop.  Next I put a piece of cardstock with the side of the machine traced on it, taped it to a wall and projected the side art onto it.  I traced out the dark green and white sections, cut out the dark gr…[Read more]

  • Agree with Thalamus redownload the table and see if something was corrupted.

  • Thanks for handling this on Thalamus!

    This version uses the “standard” binary VP save registry entry so resetting that should fix the problem.  I have a new version which is nearing release that uses the text file that Jopp mentioned but I don’t think this older version uses that.  Right now I have three pins that I’m restoring so I don’t have t…[Read more]

  • The GTO progressed to putting on the legs, installing the new correctly sized 2″ flippers, changing out the cracked rubbers for new ones, installing the coin door and trim, remounting the side rails and installing the head.  Powered her up and everything still works perfectly!  I’ll leave the table like this till I get Pirate Gold’s  cab re…[Read more]

  • The Createx needs to dry completely before the heat set or you will get smears if you put a clear coat over it (don’t ask how I know this)   :whistle:

    I put the mix ratio here because in a year or two I’ll do another Bally machine and I’ll think “now how did I mix that last time?”  BTW that color is just a best guess because the machine didn’t ha…[Read more]

  • Yeah Steve from PBR is candid to say the least.  Every time I order from him there is at least one part number where I hear a pause and then he says “you don’t want that.”  At least he’s happy that I always my ID number when I order.   :scratch:


  • The red was 30 drops of Createx red, 2 white and 2 orange while the blue was 20 drops blue with 5 drops of white.  The stuff is wonderful to airbrush and cures with heat.

    The RaB was an interesting saga.  The original deal was RaB, Pirate Gold and GT for $2500 but the RaB wouldn’t fire the Rocky or Rhino inserts when I ran the diagnostics so I p…[Read more]

  • The GTO (Grand Tour Overhaul) is truck’n down the road.  I painted the cab and head white, made a stencil for the sides and airbrushed the red onto it.  I then held the stencil up to the head and realized that instead of 3 diamonds I made the stencil with 4  :cry:

    I then sanded off the red, repainted the white under the red, made a new st…[Read more]

  • One other thing is that Chicago Coin marks things well.  For example a score reel has three screws so if you don’t mark the location of the zero position on the unit you might not put the reel on correctly.  On a Chicago Coin table there is an index mark so the reel can only go on one way.  They also put red paint marks on the stepper unit fi…[Read more]

  • That’s a really interesting question that I’ve been thinking about during this restoration/resurrection.

    One the down side I don’t like the press on (not screw on) stamped steel press on acorn nuts for holding the plastics in place.  They look ok but there are a lot of them missing and I bet that is because they don’t hold well.  Steve at P…[Read more]

  • Thanks to the schematic that arrived the other day, Pirate Gold now works pretty much completely.  Here is a video of it in action and watching it I see that the 1000’s reel is not incrementing with every pulse so I’ll have to look into that…

  • Thanks, I messaged Dazz.  Those are killer photos and there are 88 of them!

    It will be a while before I get back to the Wiggler Table because of the Pirate Gold and Grand Tour machines that I’m restoring and I also need to write the code for a table for Bord as well. but this artwork and more importantly access to someone with a Wiggler will…[Read more]

  • Thanks Jeff can you send me the zip?

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