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  1. Trent 9 years ago

    Do I need to register to get to download section?

  2. Dom 9 years ago


    Your registration form isn’t working…
    tried it with 2 different Mail adresses, still got no registration mail /password

  3. krisser 9 years ago

    The registration seems to be working, I tried it and it went thru.

  4. Fulltilt 9 years ago

    Hello ?

  5. freneticamnesic 9 years ago

    I just uploaded the most recent versions of most of my tables, all PM5 or VPX only. Also uploading the table videos I made recently for my cabinet, tried to keep them the same name as the tables they belong to, to make it easier.

    • freneticamnesic 9 years ago

      Not including VPX table videos. I’ll create a separate section for those when I make some.

  6. Author
    randr 9 years ago

    WOW! looking good!

  7. STAT 9 years ago

    Fren, i dont know, your PFVids show me only a Half Playfield :scratch:

    • STAT 9 years ago

      Example: Star Trek …

      • freneticamnesic 9 years ago

        Damn…. I just noticed this and came to check if anyone else saw it!!! It should just be the VP10 videos though, I’ll re-do them when I figure out why the screen capture is doing it. For now I’ll remove them

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