Reply To: Tales of the Arabian Nights (Williams 1996) Skitso's Detail MOD


    Thanks @Thalamus and  @Aurel, if I delete  the  rom from the registry i have the same result, it’s so weird, if I press F1 and change the options there, for example no color, show dmd… when I load again the table all resets to external DMD with color and the wrong size (already cheked the init file but no point cause is the only table doing this).

    Edit: I use a default size of 162 pixels height, it reverts to 259, if I change it to 260 or more, it stays that size, but if I change it to >259 always reverts to 259… and only on this table  :wacko:

    I downloaded the totan_15c rom and same result, I think is something of the script.

    I downloaded JP original TOTAN 1.2 and no problems.

    Edit 2: Fixed… for some reason leaving rol=1 on this table affects the size of the external DMD.


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