Reply To: (solved) trying to get pin up player to work for three days


    Like Thalamus said more information would be helpful

    Did you Set up the emulator? Yes, I have popper working great, I have all the needed files installed using 7zip to unzip all, vpx works great with color roms, i have set in registry all games  to 0 on ddraw, all the right box’s checked per guide in vpin mame.  The only thing i cant seem to do is click on plugin settings when i right click on backglass to verify that PuPb2s server plugin is working, does not give me the option.

    Did you add the game to Game manager? I have all games added to the game manager. I have also renamed all PuP games with PUP in front of the names as to separate them from the non pup version with no backglass for it.

    Did you add the game to playlists? all of my VP9, Physmod5, VPX have their own playlist and can be chosen and played through popper.


    I think its a problem with possible b2s but I have loaded and installed the one thats in the insructions 4 times now but when i Start a pup game either through VPX or popper The pup pack does not start.


    Does that help?


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