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    Yeah I agree. Some guys have contacted me before release :)

    To be honest. I was hoping to get some of the official builds to pick up the code changes. And some authors have – @Bord pr. example. If you spend a bit of time on it you’ll soon notice that at least 80% of the tables used JP’s ball rolling routine. (The few that don’t use a crazy xydata routine that is way too CPU intensive and even tries to keep control of where the balls collide. Totally obsoleted since VP now tells you). By changing that ever so slightly you make it SSF aware. Almost just as many use common “Support” routines. In my case, I just deleted them – and replaced them with “mine”. Has a few subs too many, but that is just to support that some authors tend to call it Pan and other AudioPan etc. Then you have the collections. All these elements are common as I said in almost all tables, and if only we could make the “new” ones the standard. It would make it much easier than having one guy constantly running around asking if they wouldn’t mind make it more SSF aware.

    I’m not sure how many of these excellent authors start from scratch by using the default table VPX has to offer. But, I guess that is a good place to start to get it implemented for the future ?!

    There is one thing to be aware of that I’ve forgot to tell and I should fix. In the rush of getting all out I haven’t really checked that the tables playfield is at 0. My “standard” has been that the ball is on the playfield if the z value is below 30. And I recently revisited the amh support thread and learned that that it starts at 100. So, it should be changed to 130. There might be a few where this has been introduced but it is a easy fix. Its in these cases where a little feedback is of great help. I don’t play all tables all the time ;-) (updated an fixed now for both amh versions )

    Last tip I want to give you guys. It can be a good idea – first time you run a table. To press that debug button, open the console and keep it on for the first game or two. There is more than a few tables out there where the sample in the script isn’t matched to the one in the table. I’ve fixed many of these. But, in some cases, the “correct” sound wasn’t imported so I left it in. You will be warned that those are missing. Ignore those that says it is trying to play 0 though. In some cases, just adding these sounds will enhance the experience more than you first would think. You just don’t realize it before you hear it ;-)

    Take extra care when you download these tables : Gorgar, Viking, Stern Dracula, Hulk (BD/HF), Dolly Parton. There is extra info in the top of the table script – instructions to how to improve these tables using Sound Manager. Samples are exported and imported again with new names. Names that the default table doesn’t have so what would happen is that you don’t get a sound at all IF you don’t follow the instructions or revert the sample names.

    • Dirty Harry updated to 2.0
    • Fireball II updated to 1.3 ( important array fix by Javier – don’t use 1.2 )
    • Getaway II : updated to 1.2
    • Jurassic Park updated to 1.3
    • Ironman 32a version added
    • Kingpin updated to 1.2
    • King Kong updated to 1.05 – has dof for bumpers compared to 1.03
    • Mr. and Mrs Pacman 32a ver added
    • NBA Fastbreak (Bally 1997)-DarthMarino Mod 1.2 added
    • The Web_VPX_1_2 added
    • Party Zone v1.0.5 added
    • Robocop(Data East 1989)1.4.1 added
    • Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) mod 1.6 added
    • Surf’n Safari v1.2.0 added
    • Swords of Fury (Williams 1988) 1.5 added
    • Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993) added
    • Star Gazer 1.20 added
    • Spiderman VE 2.2 added
    • Victory 2.0.1 added
    • Whitewater 1.1 added
    • Star Gazer – Siggi mod added
    • Bad Cats VPX 1.2.1a added
    • Back To The Future (Data East 1990) 1.4 added

    Cirqus Voltaire –  not sure. Not done by me.
    Devils Dare mod – should be good to go – physics changes locally by me.
    Doctor Who – my first attempt to make ssf – renamed the table locally – should be ok.
    Eight Ball Bord – just a rename to keep two tables more separate.
    Elvis – not sure. Not done by me.
    Star Wars Empire Strikes Back – hope Xenonph releases it – it not, bug me and I’ll upload.
    Four Million BC – is excellent already, ignore it – only useful for looking at the code as example now.
    Fish Tales – not sure. Not done by me.
    The Shadow – updated, thank you !!
    Groni Attach from Mars. Probably are missing added samples, but should work.
    Freddy : Yes, I definitely broke the ball rolling, updated script should use less CPU now.
    Frontier : – Bord has update planned.
    Gorgar : As you said. Can’t be fixed by script alone – but updated the info on what is needed to do in the top of script.
    Getaway II : updated the script to 1.2 of the table.
    Harley Quinn : updated to useSolenoids=2 – thanks for the heads up.
    Heavy Metal Meltdown : should be good to go.
    High Speed mod : Might work, but 1.2 has other changes. Not recommended to use github for 1.2 – I’ll have to update.
    Hook : updated rom like you mentioned on github – thanks.
    Indiana Jones – Stern : I’ll will have to get that version and make the changes. Updated to 2.5.
    Ironman : I know 2.0.6 exists, but, I liked 2.0.5 more. I’ll have to find that 32a version I guess. Done.
    Grand Prix : updated – useSolenoids=2 is now set. thanks.
    Jokerz : changed to R-Dub values and added link back to vpf topic.
    Joker Poker mod – should be ok and updated useSolenoids=2 – thank you Carny !
    Jurassic Park – better SSF and updated to the latest. Thanks again :)
    Kiss : Script on github – added ver info to tell that it belongs to 2.2 seems to be included already in the 2.2 table. Rusty maybe ? Useful as example code atm.
    Kingpin : thanks for the heads up – downloading – will go into todo list :\ – Done – and now fixed too.
    Hercules : isn’t the white “ball shadow” really table reflection ? Don’t think anything I’ve changed.
    Elvira : like for Kiss, upload has version number – table not. Verified, updated info in top of table with what changed ( draifet z trans and proper exit )
    Ironman : Changed rom – should be fixed – thanks
    Fathom : I’ve talked to @vogliadicane about it. Believe I sent him the script too ?! Was hoping it to get included in the official.
    JP Lotr : A while back I gave JPS all my table scripts, he has now begun til make his releases and updates SSF aware.
    Last Action Hero : bumped rom to lah_113 – the latest.
    Metal Slug : Updated to 1.03.
    Minions : added info on the db2s into top of script and mechanical tilt.
    Mr and Mrs Pacman : Will have to get that table. Added.
    Paragon : Bord added my changes and table now includes SSF. Unfortunately, no ver in release so this is only useful for code example now. 10.6 = dropbox test new saucer code for 10.6.
    Pinball Champ 82 : Local mod, no script change so should be ok.
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern 2006) – Slidepoint : not done yet. Update is out so I’ll wait even more :)
    Playboy (Bally 1978) : Code is there, need to fix Rolling_Timer for table yourself. Can’t really be fixed by script alone.
    The Web 1.2 : uploaded.
    Party Zone 1.0.5 : uploaded.
    Quicksilver mod : Local mod, no script change so should be ok.
    Rat Fink : thank once again Carny – you are of course right. Changed to useSolenoids=2.
    Road Show : I’ll have to verify your findings – I would not be surprised if your right, again a table without version number :\
    Robocop : Thanks for the heads up. I’ll see if a update is needed.
    Robot Mod : Yes, same table, should work only table adjustments.
    Robo War_VPX_RTM_hf : Only visual changes. Script is ok.
    RollerGames (Drop Target Mod) – (Williams 1990) 1.2 : Don’t have it in my cab anymore. Do you mind re-checking it for me ?
    Robocop(Data East 1989) : Robocop 1.4.1 added – light fixes is the reason for that version.
    Serious Sam : JP started to release updates with SSF from v1.1.1.
    Silverbal Mania : My version had BallShadow. Updated github without that change.
    South Park : It was only a small DOF change. Uploaded the change to 1.2 and “correct” name from VPIO to github.
    Space Station : No need to touch 1.21 – has custom FF and SSF already.
    Star Trek Bally : You’re right – updated with useSolenoids=2 – thanks for the heads up Carny !!
    STTNG : I’ll have to re-visit.
    Star Wars Sonic : Not always table releases says it all – I should compare versions, nice. *UPDATED*
    Stranger Things 2.21 : Thanks, I found an error during playtesting so github got that fix too.
    Striker Xtreme : Have done my local edit, not tested yet it is currently in a git branch here.
    SMB Mushroom : Ok, I’ll have a look at that one too.
    Surf and Safari : Had it updated locally. Updated now. Thanks.
    Swords of Fury : I made more options to 1.5 locally – updated now on github.
    Star Wars Trilogy : Like Striker Xtreme.
    Stones : I’m evUl – be careful ;)
    TFTC : Table is fine, I uploaded what I believe is 0.9 – maybe 32a picks it up ? Unf. no ver info so hard to tell for the future. Changed rom and useSolenids=2, don’t know how to take it further. DjRobX has write access to repo too ;)
    The Shadow Skitso mod : Repo code was included early in the series, no need to use anymore. Latest is 1.50 now.
    TOTAN JP : JPSalas already has SSF at 1.3.0
    Totem : Yes, my code changes is integrated into the recent release.
    Torpedo Alley : 1.9 is a WIP, still same script so you can use 1.8 for this exact WIP.
    Xenon : Only visual changes to table so 1.2.4 is ok to use.
    X-Files : Currently needs to be tested locally.
    Avengers : Ooups. How did I manage to let that slip – fixed that error. Must have uploaded wrong ver somehow. Will look into it.
    Bad Cats : had that done locally, uploaded.
    Avatar / Barb Wire : Yes, included.
    Barracora : not sure why I have version 1.3 – maybe it is only me giving it a higher number of my local mod.
    Back to the future : has already excellent ssf, added because of missing _exit routine.
    Capersville : ups – fixed that typo, thanks Carny.
    Capt. Fantastic – Dozer : added Chime code, and info with link to the forum thread. People of course need to import the sounds to table.
    Cartoons : added link to forum into script.
    Champions League 1.4 : I believe 2018 was release by then so I never bothered to get 1.4 ? Maybe ? – I will however update soon.
    Charlies Angles : JP does his own SSF brilliantly now, so, no need for update beyond version at github. Stick with his version.


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