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    After nearly two years of up and down time (mostly down), I am making a massive update to VP tables on my cab. I don’t have SSF, but I do want FastFlips. @Thalamus repo at has been a great resource for making sure I have some of the older VPX tables up to date for 10.6. The “side car” loading feature for external table scripts has made the process much easier.

    As mentioned in another thread, most of the scripts work but a handful do not. I wanted to provide some notes such as they are. Not pointing fingers (again most work!) but why not address any issues for the next user? I’m not doing thorough testing here. I literally have hundreds of tables to update. Basically, I play a ball, test for basic functionality, then move on to the next table. Here it goes:

    Ali-v1.0.1.vbs – working

    ARFM_1.2.0.vbs – working

    Austin Powers (Stern 2001) 1.01.vbs – working

    Avengers, The Pro (Stern 2012).vbs – applied to Avengers (Stern 2012)1.2.vpx – Variable is undefined: ‘Ramp16’ – wrong table? – tried again, search below

    Batman (Data East 1990) VPX 1.3_SurroundSoundMOD.vbs – applied to Batman (Data East 1991) VPX 1.3.vpx – Variable is undefined: ‘LFLIPsound’

    BoneBusters.vbs – working

    Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Williams 1993)1.1.vbs – working – applied to Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Williams 1993)1.1DJRobX.vpx

    Cactus Canyon (Bally 1998) TTNZ v2.0.vbs – working

    Champion Pub_VPX_1_2.vbs – working

    Cirqus Voltaire (Bally 1997, Dozer 2.1, SSF Mod).vbs – working – applied to Cirqus Voltaire 2.1 Redux.vpx

    Class of 1812  – NZ&TT 1.0.vbs – working

    Congo (Williams 1995) 1.2.vbs – working – applied to Congo (Williams 1995).vpx

    Creature From The Black Lagoon (Bally 1992)_1.2.vbs – working – also works with Creature From The Black Lagoon (Bally 1992)_1.3.vpx

    CSI (Stern 2008)_VPX_1.00.vbs – working

    Cyclone (Williams 1988) v1.5.vbs – working – still working

    Dale JR (Stern 2007).vbs – working

    Demolition Man (Knorr-Kiwi) 1.3.1.vbs – working

    Devils Dare mod (Gottlieb 1982).vbs – working – applied to Devil’s Dare (Gottlieb 1982).vpx

    Diablo Pinball v1.0.3-DOF.vbs – working

    Diner VPX 1.2.vbs – working

    Dirty Harry 2.0 shiny mod.vbs – working but need to change to UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    Doctor Who (Bally 1992) ssfmod v1.2.2.vbs – working – applied to Doctor Who (Bally 1992) v1.2.2.vpx

    Dolly Parton v1.0.2.vbs – working – mentioned in the other thread that the table had an update and now there is an updated script!

    Dracula (Stern 1979).vbs – working

    Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally 1980)_bord.vbs – working – applied to Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally 1980).vpx

    Elvis (Stern 2004) WED SSF Mod.vbs – applied to elvis_mod_1.0.vpx – Variable is undefined: ‘pHead’

    Evel Knievel (Bally 1977) HF 32A v4.0.1.vbs – working

    F-14 Tomcat (Williams 1987) 1.0.vbs – working

    Family Guy (Stern 2007)1.1.Fart.vbs – working

    Fathom (Bally 1981) Vintage Mod_v1.2.vbs – working

    Fast Draw (Gottlieb 1975).vbs – working

    Fireball II (Bally 1981)_1.3.vbs – working

    Fire! (Williams 1987) 2.0.vbs – working

    Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (Hankin 1980) v2.2.1.vbs – latest VPX is Star Wars Empire Strikes Back, The (Hankin 1980) MOD v2.3.vpx

    Four Million BC (Bally 1971) v1.0.vbs – latest VPX is Four Million BC (Bally 1971) v1.1.vpx

    Firepower (Drop Target Mod) – (Williams 1980) 1.2.vbs – working

    Funhouse (Williams 1990)_1.3.vbs – working

    Fish Tales VPX v1.1 – pinball58_SurroundSoundMOD.vbs – working – applied to Fish Tales VPX v1.1 – pinball58.vpx

    Indiana Jones – NZ&TT 1.2.vbs – working

    Johnny_Mnemonic_1.3.vbs – working

    Monster Bash X – NZ&TT 1.3.vbs – working

    star wars – data east (1992) v1.5.1.vbs – working

    The_Shadow_1.2.vbs – working but need to change to UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    Wheel of Fortune (Stern 2007) v1.1.vbs – working

    World_Cup_Soccer_1.2.vbs – working

    Groni Pinball – Attack from Mars V1.0_VPX_PMDv3.vbs – working – applied to Groni Pinball – Attack from Mars V1.0_VPX.vpx

    Freddy A Nightmare On Elm Street (Gottlieb 1994) 1.1b JPJ – Team PP – Hauntfreaks Mod.vbs – working but ball rolling sounds for third ball in multiball do not quit after a drain, does not do this with original script – fixed!

    Frontier (Bally 1980).vbs – variable is undefined: ‘aReels’ – confirmed the script is for Borg’s V2.0

    Ghostbusters LE 1.2.vbs – working

    Gold Wings mod (Gottlieb 1986).vbs – working – applied to Gold Wings (Gottlieb 1986).vpx

    Gorgar (Williams 1979)_1.3.1.vbs – working – script change is present but also need to set Light88 to LightStateOff per – info added to script!

    Guns and Roses (Data East 1994) Team PP 180 Final 1.08 MB.vbs – working – still working – latest is now Guns and Roses (Data East 1994) Team PP 180 Final 1.08 JPJ – Team PP.vpx but script works with it

    Gilligan’s Island  (Bally 1991)_Modulated Flashers.vbs – working

    Getaway, The – High Speed II v1.1.vbs – latest version is Getaway, The – High Speed II v1.2.vpx – script added! – still working

    Harlem Globetrotters (Bally 1979)_VPX_DOZER_1.0a.vbs – working

    harley quinn (HauntFreaks 2017).vbs – working but need to change to UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    Heavy Metal Meltdown mod (Bally 1987).vbs – working applied to Heavy Metal Meltdown (Bally 1987).vpx

    High Speed mod (Williams 1986).vbs – latest version is High_Speed_(Williams 1986)_mod_1.2.vpx

    Hollywood Heat (Gottlieb 1986).vbs – working

    Hook_VPX_1.01.vbs – working – changed to use hook_501 game code – script updated!

    VP10_Indiana Jones (Stern 2008)-Hanibal-1.6.vbs – latest version is VP10_Indiana Jones (Stern 2008)-Hanibal-2.5.vpx – added!

    Indianapolis_500_VPX_1.1_RTM.vbs – working

    Ironman (Stern 2010) V2.0.5.vbs – latest version is 32assassin’s rebuild -added

    Grand Prix (Stern 2005).vbs – working but need to change to UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    VP10_Judge_Dredd_Dozer_RTM.vbs – working

    JP’s Jokerz!_v1.0.2.vbs – need to change UseSolenoids = 2 also the wheel mech does not work right with jarrod0897 b2s; I can get the R-Dub B2S working correctly if I make the edits described here:

    Joker Poker mod (Gottlieb 1978).vbs – working but need to change to UseSolenoids = 2 – applied to Joker Poker (Gottlieb 1978).vpx

    Joker Poker EM (Gottlieb 1978).vbs – working

    JP-Ghostbusters Slimer v1.2.1.vbs – working

    Jurassic Park (Data East 1993)1.02.vbs – latest version is Jurassic Park (Data East 1993)1.03.vpx

    Kiss (Bally 1979)2.1.vbs – latest version is Kiss (Bally 1979).vpx (jbg4208 v2.2) – added

    KISS (Stern 2015) v1.1 20161122.vbs – working

    kingpin 080715a.vbs – latest version is Kingpin (Capcom 1996)1.2.vpx (ICPJuggla at VPF) – added

    Hercules_wip1_6.vbs – ball shadow is white but otherwise working – probably ball reflection and not shadow – script is fine

    Fireball VPX v1.1 – pinball58.vbs – working

    Fathom (Bally 1981)_LED_Mod.vbs – latest version is Fathom (Bally 1981)_LED_Mod_1.1.vpx

    Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally 1989).vbs – latest version is v2.3 from 32assassin – it works

    Embryon(Bally 1980)VPXv1.4.vbs – working

    King Kong 1.03.vbs – I have a version that I have noted as v1.05 with datestamp Dec 3, 2016 – added

    Humpty Dumpty (Gottlieb 1947)v3_0.vbs – working

    Jungle Lord (Williams 1981)-VPX-v1.05.vbs – working

    Jungle Princess (Gottlieb 1977).vbs – working

    Junk Yard_VPX_1_3.vbs – working

    Jurassic Park (Data East 1993)1.03.vbs – working

    Last Action Hero 1.07.vbs – working – I updated rom to lah_113 – script still working

    Lethal Weapon 3_VPX_1.0 mod.vbs – latest version is Lethal Weapon 3_VPX_1.1.vpx

    Iron Man (Stern 2010).vbs – 32assassin version – FastFlips memory address is only defined for im_183ve – need to change the rom – fixed!

    Kingpin (Capcom 1996)1.2.vbs – rom is now named kpb105 plus change UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    King Kong (Data East 1990).vbs – working

    Kiss (Bally 1979).vbs – working

    JP’s Lord of the Rings_v1.0.2_DOF.vbs – latest version is JP’s Lord of the Rings_v1.1.2.vpx

    Mac Galaxy_VPX_1_3.vbs – change to UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    Mad Scientist 1_0.vbs – working

    Medieval Madness X VPX- TT&NZ TOYMOD 1.0.vbs – working

    Medieval Madness Reloaded 1.0_PMDv3.1.vbs – working

    Medusa v1.0.4.vbs – working

    Metal Slug_1.02.vbs – latest version is Metal Slug_1.03.vpx – added and working!

    Minions_VPX_1.0.vbs – working – script is ready to work with the HauntFreaks animated backglass – the underlying table needs to have a sound file added.  see: – now noted in script

    Monopoly (Stern 2001).vbs – working

    Mustang (Stern 2014)_AUX_INVISI_D_RTM_1.1.vbs – working

    Mr_and_Mrs_PAC-MAN VPX_1.2.vbs – working – although 32assassin has released a more recent build: – added, see below

    Nascar (Stern 2005) 1.01_PMDsurround 1.02.vbs – working

    No Good Gofers (Williams 1997) 1.0.vbs – I don’t know that the script enables UseVPMModSol

    Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man (Bally 1982).vbs – 32assassin version – change to UseSolenoids = 2

    VP10_Indiana Jones (Stern 2008)-Hanibal-2.5.vbs – working

    NBA Fastbreak Batch_MOD_DOF 1.0.vbs – DarthMarino’s mod is more recent – – added

    NBA Fastbreak (Bally 1997)-DarthMarino Mod 1.2.vbs – working

    Neptune (Gottlieb 1978).vbs – working

    NFL (Stern 2001) -WIP.vbs – there are the xenonph mods but I could see that being too much to cover; I’m only installing one team table.

    No Fear Dangerous Sports (Williams 1995).vbs – working

    NOTLD-68 (Original 2018) Grunge Mod v1.0.vbs – working – also works with the original NOTLD table

    OXO (Williams 1973) 1.0.vbs – working

    Paragon (Bally 1978).vbs – appears to be based on older script V2.0. The most recent V2.2 has script version V2.11 and includes support for 3 flipper European variant. Plus I have a version Paragon (Bally 1978) 10-6.vpx that I don’t recall where it came from.

    Pinball Magic (Capcom 1995) 2.0.8.vbs – working

    Pinball Champ 82 mod (Zaccaria 1982).vbs – works with Pinball Champ 82 (Zaccaria 1982).vpx

    Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern 2006) mod.vbs – most recent version is now Sliderpoint’s, an alternate to 32a’s

    Playboy (Bally 1978).vbs – no ball rolling sound; it’s not working in the unmodified table either

    The Web_VPX_1_0.vbs – latest version is The Web_VPX_1_2.vpx – added!

    Party Zone v1.0.4mod.vbs – latest version is Party Zone v1.0.5.vpx – added!

    QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983).vbs – working

    Quicksilver mod (Stern 1980).vbs – works with Quicksilver (Stern 1980).vpx

    Spider-Man_2.1_VE.vbs – working

    The Web_VPX_1_2.vbs – working

    Party Zone v1.0.5.vbs – working

    Rat Fink VPX v1.1.vbs –  change to UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    Red and Ted’s Road Show (Williams 1994).vbs – using Clark Kent’s mod, so current script is missing ball shadows – I think CK is built off of V1.0 but the difference from V1.1 may be some minor clean up of DOF code – CK added a preliminary implementation of FF and the ball shadows as well as physics updates to table and script

    Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Stern 2004)_HF_Mod.vbs – working applied to Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Stern 2004)1.0.3.vpx

    Robocop(Data East 1989)1.4.vbs – latest one is Robocop(Data East 1989)1.4.1.vpx – available here – script probably works fine with it – script added!

    Robot mod (Zaccaria 1985).vbs – working with original Robot (Zaccaria 1985).vpx

    Robo War_VPX_RTM_hf.vbs – working with original Robo War_VPX_RTM.vpx

    Road Kings (Williams 1986).vbs – working

    Rock_Encore_VPX_1.0.0.vbs – working

    Rocky & Bullwinkle And Friends 1.0.vbs – working – update still working

    RollerGames (Drop Target Mod) – (Williams 1990) 1.2.vbs – Script error Line: 1065 null – the sample referenced on line 1065 is in the table – fixed and working!

    RollerGames (Williams 1990) VPX 1.01a.vbs – working

    Rolling Stones-v1.0.2.vbs – working

    VP10_Rescue_911_Dozer_RTM_1.3.vbs – working

    Safe Cracker (Bally 1996) v1.0.vbs – working

    Seawitch (Stern 1980)2.0.0.vbs – working

    Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) mod 1.6.vbs – working

    Robocop(Data East 1989)1.4.1.vbs – working

    Farfalla (Zaccaria 1983) 1.0.0.vbs – working

    Serious Sam Pinball v1.0.1.vbs – latest version is Serious Sam Pinball v1.2.2.vpx – script not needed for current version

    sharkeys 112615a.vbs – working

    Shrek_VPX 1.0 NZ&TT.vbs – working

    SilverBall Mania mod (Bally 1978).vbs – Line: 452 Variable is undefined: ‘BallShadow1’ with SilverBall Mania (Bally 1978).vpx – added!

    Simpsons Pinball Party, The (Stern 2003).vbs – working

    South Park 1.2.vbs – latest available version is V1.3 at VPDB.IO – added!

    SMB-TT-NZ_1.3.vbs – working

    SilverBall Mania (Bally 1978).vbs – working

    South Park (Sega 1999).vbs – working

    Skateball (Bally 1980) 1.0.4.vbs – working

    Sorcerer 1.0.0.vbs – working

    Spider-Man_3.0.vbs – working

    Spirit (Gottlieb 1982)_DOZER_1.4.vbs – working

    Sopranos, The (Stern 2005)safe_fix.vbs – working

    Space Station (Williams 1987)1.11.vbs – latest version

    Scared Stiff (Bally 1996).vbs – working

    Star Trek (Bally 1979) v1.4.2.vbs – need to change UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    Star Trek Enterprise Limited Edition (Stern 2012).vbs – working

    Star Trek – The Next Generation (Williams 1993) 1.2_SurroundSound 1.1.vbs – I know that UseSolenoids is set to 2, but FastFlips are not showing as working (F11)

    Star Wars (Gottlieb 1978).vbs – working

    SonicStarWars_VPX_1_0.vbs – latest version is V1.1 – but the script will work fine with it – added!

    StrangerThings v2.1-DOF.vbs – latest version is StrangerThings v2.21-MX DOF.vpx

    Striker Xtreme (Stern 2000).vbs – latest version from 32assassin is here: – still in beta, I guess

    Strikes and Spares (Bally 1978).vbs – working

    Super Mario Bros Mushroom World mod (Gottlieb 1992).vbs – Line:204 Variable is undefined: ‘AllSwitches’ – I think UseSolenoids can be changed to 2 – I see that there are a bunch of fixes for this in the support thread :/

    StrikesNSpares (Gottlieb 1995).vbs – working

    Surf’n Safari v1.1.1.vbs – latest version V1.2 is here: – added!

    Swords of Fury (Williams 1988) 1.4.vbs – latest version V1.5 is here: but I’m pretty sure that the script works fine with it. – added!

    Star_Wars_Trilogy1.5_gtxjoe_stat_mod.vbs – 32assassin has the latest version here: I guess it is still in beta

    Stones_10_RTM_1.5_FINAL.vbs – Windows Defender thinks it is a virus. Weird, had to copy and paste into Notepad. Script is working, though.

    tftc 072515a.vbs – 32assassin has the latest version here: – added!

    Taxi (Williams 1988)1.2.vbs – working

    Surf’n Safari v1.2.0.vbs – working

    Swords of Fury (Williams 1988) 1.5.vbs – working

    Tee’d Off (Gottlieb 1993) 1.2.6.vbs – working

    Terminator 2 (Williams 1991) g5k v1.1a.vbs – working

    Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993).vbs -maybe could benefit from the same FF fix done for Tommy. Setting UseSolenoids=2 does not appear to affect F11. Also, try tftc_400 from – updated and working

    Star Gazer(Stern 1980) v1.2.vbs – need to change UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    Spider-Man_VE_2.2.vbs – working

    SonicStarWars_VPX_1_1.vbs – working – I’m guessing that FF is not supported for Sonic games

    The Shadow Skitso Detail Mod 1.4.vbs – working

    The Addams Family Gold (Williams 1994) v1.4.vbs – applied to The Addams Family Gold (Williams 1994) v1.4.1.vpx – need to change UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed!

    TOTAN_1.2.0.vbs – latest version from JP is here:

    Tron Legacy (Stern 2011) (G5K 2.2).vbs – working

    The Walking Dead_VP10_LEMOD_REDUX.vbs – working

    Torpedo Alley (Data East 1988) jpj 1,8 vpx3 PP.vbs – most recent version is here: – script works with it

    Totem (Gottlieb 1979).vbs – merged versions – I think this is more recent: – has SSF and FF

    Theatre of magic VPX HAT MOD NZ-TT 1.0.vbs – working

    Tommy_VP10_1.1.vbs – working

    24 mod (Stern 2009).vbs – working – if by mod it is taking the 32a table and doing the gate fix and the playfield materials mod suggested in the support thread. I don’t know if there was anything else

    Twilight Zone_VPX_2.1.vbs – working – applied to Twilight Zone (Bally 1993) 2.1_BW.vpx

    VP10_TX_SECTOR_Dozer_RTM.vbs – working

    Star Gazer(Stern 1980)Siggis Mod 1.0.vbs – working

    Victory (Gottlieb 1987) 1.0.1.vbs – latest version is here: – added!

    Whirlwind VPX 1.4.vbs – working

    Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons (Stern 2015) v2.1.4.vbs – working

    WhoDunnit_1.0.vbs – working

    WPT_from_stat.vbs – working with wpt 062018a.vpx

    Wizard! VPX v1.03 – pinball58.vbs – working

    Whitewater 1.0.vbs – latest version is here: – added!

    WWF Royal Rumble (Data East 1994).vbs – working – I use wwfr_106

    Xenon (Bally 1980) 1.2.4.vbs – latest version is here: – script works – change UseSolenoids = 2 – fixed! – still works with V1.2.5

    VP10-X-Files v1.6.vbs – latest version is here:

    X-Men LE (Stern 2012) v1.0.3.vbs – working

    Royal Flush (Gottlieb 1976).vbs – working

    Victory (Gottlieb 1987) 2.0.1.vbs – working

    Whitewater 1.1.vbs – working

    Abra Ca Dabra (Gottlieb 1975).vbs – working

    amh 062818hf.vbs – working

    Mario Andretti (Gottlieb 1995).vbs – working

    Astro (Gottlieb 1971).vbs – working

    Avengers, The Pro (Stern 2012).vbs – line 93 – RightFlipper is misspelled – fixed!

    Bad Cats.VPX.v1.2.vbs – latest version is here: – added!

    Avatar 080116a mod 1.12.vbs – latest here: but I assume new features are built into your mod

    Barb Wire (Gottlieb 1996).vbs – looks like all features are now part of the official table:

    Baby Pac-man (Bally 1982).vbs – working, I think. UseSolenoids=1 but I’m not sure FastFlips is supported for this particular table

    Barracora (Williams 1981) mod v1.3.vbs – works on Barracora (Williams 1981) [VPX] v1.2.vpx

    Bad Cats VPX 1.2.1a.vbs – working

    Big Bang Bar.vbs – working

    Black_Knight_1.3.1.vbs – working

    Black Rose (Bally 1992)0.1.0.vbs – working

    Back To The Future (Data East 1990) 1.3.vbs – most recent version is here: – added!

    Bubba the Redneck Werewolf (2017).vbs – working

    Capersville (Bally 1966) 3.2.7.vbs – reproducible error with RightSaucer – line 11279 Variable is undefined: RightSauser – Should be RightSaucer – fixed! and working

    Captain Fantastic_VPX_DOZER_1.2.vbs – working – added chimes: – updated! Does require modding the table to include the wav files posted in the link.

    CARtoons RC (2017) v2.3.vbs – working – implent chime timer fix per: – updated! and working

    Centaur (Bally 1981).vbs – working

    Centigrade 37 (Gottlieb 1977).vbs – latest version here: – looks like it already has your stuff in it

    Back To The Future (Data East 1990) 1.4.vbs – working

    Champions league TT&NZ vpx 1.3.vbs – latest version here:

    Champions League (Season 18) TT&NZ v1.0.vbs – working

    Charlie’s Angels 1.0.0.vbs – latest version is here: – don’t know about sound mod table

    Cheetah 1.0.1.vbs – working







    That’s all, folks! :good:





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    Okay so I knew about the scripts Thalamus has been working on, sadly they came out after I manually changed every table for fast flips.

    So is the sidecar loading a thing now, if so how is it done?  I know there was discussion about it but have not been following the 10.6 beta thread.

    Yes I know i could easily find it or ask Thalamus about it, but I thought I would ask the question here so others can find the answer as well.


    Heck I missed the POV sidecar loading until just recently, and that was 10.4 release enabled

    Also heck of a job and dedication to do all these scripts @thalamus



    Give the vbs the same file name as the vpx. Open the table in VPX. That’s it!

    Side car loading means that VPX will use the external script if it finds a vbs file with the same name. Good way to share an updated script that adds FastFlips, DOF, SSF, etc. if the original table did not include these features.


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    Great info in this thread I learned something that’s for sure! Thanks guys

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android


    Bob Albright

    You got me thinking about this after reading the thread. Is the difference really noticeable?

    "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"


    Holy Crap more shit to learn ….. I dont know about you guys but i learn shit and forget it the next day LOL cant we make a simple button to click :wacko:




    You got me thinking about this after reading the thread. Is the difference really noticeable?

    FastFlips – definitely noticeable.

    SSF – I don’t have it, but it is purported that it benefits even the cabs of mere mortals like myself. I don’t know. I run with table noise running through HDMI to regular stereo TV speakers.

    Is it worth it? Implementing FastFlips is generally very easy to do in the script. So, I guess it depends on if you are faster at editing the script then you would be downloading a file from the repo (and often not even needing to change the file name). :unsure:


    Great info and great timing. I was going to start copying and pasting Thalamus’ scripts earlier today but stopped because I wondered how I’d keep up with changes when table updates came along.

    As for SSF, it is noticeable. I don’t have mech feedback (because SSF came along during my build) and I clearly hear the left – right separation. Definitely feel the thump of slings/flippers in the nearest hand. JP’s NASCAR is a favorite. I can close my eyes and track the ball on the outer loop, and the ball crossing the playfield on the metal ramp.

    That’s why Thalamus’ work is immensely appreciated.





    Appreciate this very much Carny – for two reasons. I see a few tables that I’ve got that you don’t and vise versa. Doing a diff edit is easier than having to hunt possible locations. I would be a bit surprised if you get errors right away from starting a table though. That would – as you mention probably mean you are trying to run it with the not exact same version. It is of course a bit problematic that some authors upload a tables as eg. 1.2 but the table inside follows the standard that some think they need it to be “tablename (manufacturer year)” without any versioning. I should probably have thought about this myself and given them version names myself. But, this started out as something I did for myself and I didn’t have any plans at first for sharing. Only when Wob started posting his spreadsheet about what tables supported Fast Flips, I decided to share.

    About the renaming. It is getting much worse for those that run popper front end and decided to let popper fuck up the versioning :whistle:

    Is it noticeable for users without SSF. It should be. It will be more of a left/right thing than anything else. I want to make one thing very clear. It is not possible for me, with scripts only ( well – it might be, but requires too much work ) to address every sound. Typical samples that I’ve left alone is those initsnd, exitsnd … For those. Use the Sound Manager to pinpoint where the sound should go. Probably not worth it if you don’t have SSF and definitely something you want to fix yourself IF you do. It makes a huge difference since those often are related to drop targets resets and balls popping out of kickers.

    Don’t copy and past. Download them all or better, use a git client. put them somewhere and just move the ones you want along side the table. If table name doesn’t match exactly, then there is a high chance that your trying to apply it to not the same version. However – a table can be updated without changing the script and of course in that case it should still work.

    I’ve sent Xenonph my latest versions for those sound mods of his. On those tables, SSF isn’t that effective – so it isn’t a big miss except for FF. Don’t remember if that is in his tables or not.



    Well, the best solution would be to get this stuff into the official version. Arngrim tends to be able to get DOF changes into the build prior to or shortly after an official release. SSF is just as important to some users, so it would be good to be the champion for it in the same way arngrim did for DOF. You probably already are! The repo is the solution for the older builds that were considered complete at that time. But ideally there would be less need for it over time as SSF becomes part of the process of scripting current and future projects.


    Yeah I agree. Some guys have contacted me before release :)

    To be honest. I was hoping to get some of the official builds to pick up the code changes. And some authors have – @Bord pr. example. If you spend a bit of time on it you’ll soon notice that at least 80% of the tables used JP’s ball rolling routine. (The few that don’t use a crazy xydata routine that is way too CPU intensive and even tries to keep control of where the balls collide. Totally obsoleted since VP now tells you). By changing that ever so slightly you make it SSF aware. Almost just as many use common “Support” routines. In my case, I just deleted them – and replaced them with “mine”. Has a few subs too many, but that is just to support that some authors tend to call it Pan and other AudioPan etc. Then you have the collections. All these elements are common as I said in almost all tables, and if only we could make the “new” ones the standard. It would make it much easier than having one guy constantly running around asking if they wouldn’t mind make it more SSF aware.

    I’m not sure how many of these excellent authors start from scratch by using the default table VPX has to offer. But, I guess that is a good place to start to get it implemented for the future ?!

    There is one thing to be aware of that I’ve forgot to tell and I should fix. In the rush of getting all out I haven’t really checked that the tables playfield is at 0. My “standard” has been that the ball is on the playfield if the z value is below 30. And I recently revisited the amh support thread and learned that that it starts at 100. So, it should be changed to 130. There might be a few where this has been introduced but it is a easy fix. Its in these cases where a little feedback is of great help. I don’t play all tables all the time ;-) (updated an fixed now for both amh versions )

    Last tip I want to give you guys. It can be a good idea – first time you run a table. To press that debug button, open the console and keep it on for the first game or two. There is more than a few tables out there where the sample in the script isn’t matched to the one in the table. I’ve fixed many of these. But, in some cases, the “correct” sound wasn’t imported so I left it in. You will be warned that those are missing. Ignore those that says it is trying to play 0 though. In some cases, just adding these sounds will enhance the experience more than you first would think. You just don’t realize it before you hear it ;-)

    Take extra care when you download these tables : Gorgar, Viking, Stern Dracula, Hulk (BD/HF), Dolly Parton. There is extra info in the top of the table script – instructions to how to improve these tables using Sound Manager. Samples are exported and imported again with new names. Names that the default table doesn’t have so what would happen is that you don’t get a sound at all IF you don’t follow the instructions or revert the sample names.

    • Dirty Harry updated to 2.0
    • Fireball II updated to 1.3 ( important array fix by Javier – don’t use 1.2 )
    • Getaway II : updated to 1.2
    • Jurassic Park updated to 1.3
    • Ironman 32a version added
    • Kingpin updated to 1.2
    • King Kong updated to 1.05 – has dof for bumpers compared to 1.03
    • Mr. and Mrs Pacman 32a ver added
    • NBA Fastbreak (Bally 1997)-DarthMarino Mod 1.2 added
    • The Web_VPX_1_2 added
    • Party Zone v1.0.5 added
    • Robocop(Data East 1989)1.4.1 added
    • Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013) mod 1.6 added
    • Surf’n Safari v1.2.0 added
    • Swords of Fury (Williams 1988) 1.5 added
    • Tales from the Crypt (Data East 1993) added
    • Star Gazer 1.20 added
    • Spiderman VE 2.2 added
    • Victory 2.0.1 added
    • Whitewater 1.1 added
    • Star Gazer – Siggi mod added
    • Bad Cats VPX 1.2.1a added
    • Back To The Future (Data East 1990) 1.4 added

    Cirqus Voltaire –  not sure. Not done by me.
    Devils Dare mod – should be good to go – physics changes locally by me.
    Doctor Who – my first attempt to make ssf – renamed the table locally – should be ok.
    Eight Ball Bord – just a rename to keep two tables more separate.
    Elvis – not sure. Not done by me.
    Star Wars Empire Strikes Back – hope Xenonph releases it – it not, bug me and I’ll upload.
    Four Million BC – is excellent already, ignore it – only useful for looking at the code as example now.
    Fish Tales – not sure. Not done by me.
    The Shadow – updated, thank you !!
    Groni Attach from Mars. Probably are missing added samples, but should work.
    Freddy : Yes, I definitely broke the ball rolling, updated script should use less CPU now.
    Frontier : – Bord has update planned.
    Gorgar : As you said. Can’t be fixed by script alone – but updated the info on what is needed to do in the top of script.
    Getaway II : updated the script to 1.2 of the table.
    Harley Quinn : updated to useSolenoids=2 – thanks for the heads up.
    Heavy Metal Meltdown : should be good to go.
    High Speed mod : Might work, but 1.2 has other changes. Not recommended to use github for 1.2 – I’ll have to update.
    Hook : updated rom like you mentioned on github – thanks.
    Indiana Jones – Stern : I’ll will have to get that version and make the changes. Updated to 2.5.
    Ironman : I know 2.0.6 exists, but, I liked 2.0.5 more. I’ll have to find that 32a version I guess. Done.
    Grand Prix : updated – useSolenoids=2 is now set. thanks.
    Jokerz : changed to R-Dub values and added link back to vpf topic.
    Joker Poker mod – should be ok and updated useSolenoids=2 – thank you Carny !
    Jurassic Park – better SSF and updated to the latest. Thanks again :)
    Kiss : Script on github – added ver info to tell that it belongs to 2.2 seems to be included already in the 2.2 table. Rusty maybe ? Useful as example code atm.
    Kingpin : thanks for the heads up – downloading – will go into todo list :\ – Done – and now fixed too.
    Hercules : isn’t the white “ball shadow” really table reflection ? Don’t think anything I’ve changed.
    Elvira : like for Kiss, upload has version number – table not. Verified, updated info in top of table with what changed ( draifet z trans and proper exit )
    Ironman : Changed rom – should be fixed – thanks
    Fathom : I’ve talked to @vogliadicane about it. Believe I sent him the script too ?! Was hoping it to get included in the official.
    JP Lotr : A while back I gave JPS all my table scripts, he has now begun til make his releases and updates SSF aware.
    Last Action Hero : bumped rom to lah_113 – the latest.
    Metal Slug : Updated to 1.03.
    Minions : added info on the db2s into top of script and mechanical tilt.
    Mr and Mrs Pacman : Will have to get that table. Added.
    Paragon : Bord added my changes and table now includes SSF. Unfortunately, no ver in release so this is only useful for code example now. 10.6 = dropbox test new saucer code for 10.6.
    Pinball Champ 82 : Local mod, no script change so should be ok.
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern 2006) – Slidepoint : not done yet. Update is out so I’ll wait even more :)
    Playboy (Bally 1978) : Code is there, need to fix Rolling_Timer for table yourself. Can’t really be fixed by script alone.
    The Web 1.2 : uploaded.
    Party Zone 1.0.5 : uploaded.
    Quicksilver mod : Local mod, no script change so should be ok.
    Rat Fink : thank once again Carny – you are of course right. Changed to useSolenoids=2.
    Road Show : I’ll have to verify your findings – I would not be surprised if your right, again a table without version number :\
    Robocop : Thanks for the heads up. I’ll see if a update is needed.
    Robot Mod : Yes, same table, should work only table adjustments.
    Robo War_VPX_RTM_hf : Only visual changes. Script is ok.
    RollerGames (Drop Target Mod) – (Williams 1990) 1.2 : Don’t have it in my cab anymore. Do you mind re-checking it for me ?
    Robocop(Data East 1989) : Robocop 1.4.1 added – light fixes is the reason for that version.
    Serious Sam : JP started to release updates with SSF from v1.1.1.
    Silverbal Mania : My version had BallShadow. Updated github without that change.
    South Park : It was only a small DOF change. Uploaded the change to 1.2 and “correct” name from VPIO to github.
    Space Station : No need to touch 1.21 – has custom FF and SSF already.
    Star Trek Bally : You’re right – updated with useSolenoids=2 – thanks for the heads up Carny !!
    STTNG : I’ll have to re-visit.
    Star Wars Sonic : Not always table releases says it all – I should compare versions, nice. *UPDATED*
    Stranger Things 2.21 : Thanks, I found an error during playtesting so github got that fix too.
    Striker Xtreme : Have done my local edit, not tested yet it is currently in a git branch here.
    SMB Mushroom : Ok, I’ll have a look at that one too.
    Surf and Safari : Had it updated locally. Updated now. Thanks.
    Swords of Fury : I made more options to 1.5 locally – updated now on github.
    Star Wars Trilogy : Like Striker Xtreme.
    Stones : I’m evUl – be careful ;)
    TFTC : Table is fine, I uploaded what I believe is 0.9 – maybe 32a picks it up ? Unf. no ver info so hard to tell for the future. Changed rom and useSolenids=2, don’t know how to take it further. DjRobX has write access to repo too ;)
    The Shadow Skitso mod : Repo code was included early in the series, no need to use anymore. Latest is 1.50 now.
    TOTAN JP : JPSalas already has SSF at 1.3.0
    Totem : Yes, my code changes is integrated into the recent release.
    Torpedo Alley : 1.9 is a WIP, still same script so you can use 1.8 for this exact WIP.
    Xenon : Only visual changes to table so 1.2.4 is ok to use.
    X-Files : Currently needs to be tested locally.
    Avengers : Ooups. How did I manage to let that slip – fixed that error. Must have uploaded wrong ver somehow. Will look into it.
    Bad Cats : had that done locally, uploaded.
    Avatar / Barb Wire : Yes, included.
    Barracora : not sure why I have version 1.3 – maybe it is only me giving it a higher number of my local mod.
    Back to the future : has already excellent ssf, added because of missing _exit routine.
    Capersville : ups – fixed that typo, thanks Carny.
    Capt. Fantastic – Dozer : added Chime code, and info with link to the forum thread. People of course need to import the sounds to table.
    Cartoons : added link to forum into script.
    Champions League 1.4 : I believe 2018 was release by then so I never bothered to get 1.4 ? Maybe ? – I will however update soon.
    Charlies Angles : JP does his own SSF brilliantly now, so, no need for update beyond version at github. Stick with his version.


    Hi, I’ve completed updating what I intend on updating for VPX. I wanted to thank @Thalamus once again for all the work done on the script repository and for all the support along the way. I haven’t run a quality control check on everything, but I’ve tested many, many of them. And Thalamus took in the feedback to fix and add to the repository where needed. It’s a great resource as there are dozens of great tables that were released prior to FastFlips and SSF becoming just an expected part of any table’s feature set on release. With VPX 10.6 external script loading it’s easy to update a table. Fact is, I simply just keep the script and the unmodified table in the Tables folder and that’s it. I don’t even bother to incorporate the updated script into the table.

    I also wanted to thank @Joey2001 for the POV respository.!tM02xKaD!hMD8a7ptb646GmWC1_nXlA

    I had started with a repository of Hauntfreaks POV files. He’s a legend but I think for the most part that Joey2001’s POV files are just as good and the repo is still being maintained and new files added. Again, I just download the file and use VPX auto-loading to do the rest. Very simple.

    :good: :yes:

    2 users thanked author for this post.

    I hope that more people will chime in. As you said. It can be done without even touching the table. Good thing is that Arngrim can add and update without anyone needing to interfere. I say again. It is not my repository. I just happened to start it. So, please contact me if you think that you can contribute or if you feel that the git stuff is a bit hard. Send me a PM.


    Yeah, running a git client would be the very easiest thing for many users. I didn’t want to have extraneous software on the cab though. Just downloading individual files with a browser is very easy too. Or, of course, the repository can be downloaded in one go also.


    Added knocker fix for Alien Star, Punk and ball eject too early for Ice Fever. Already discussed in the Rocky thread.


    So…getting an error with Class of 1812.  Just showed up, though it’s not a game I play often, so it’s not like I’d know every update that there is an issue.


    Anyway, I rechecked this thread, downloaded the new script, put it in, still the same error.  Any guidance?




    It’s best to say the type of error it is or if you want to place a screenshot
    At the top right there’s an icon
    Make sure you use a program to crop The picture


    Class of 1812 hasn’t been changed much from the original it seems so I would need more detailed information as to where in the script it crashes. Just like Outhere mentions.


    Thanks for the replies.

    Errors are:

    VPMflips error:  Variable is undefined

    Then if i click OK, i get –

    UseSolenoids = 2 error !

    GameOnSolenoid not defined!

    System may be incompatible (Check the compatibility list) or your system scripts may be out of date


    Everything is up to date, latest SamBuild, DOFlinx, etc…




    Pretty sure that your problem being that you have a core.vbs inside tables folder that prevents tables to work as they should.

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