Reply To: The Walking Dead PuPPack Bloody Side Edition


    @queniart @Thalamus and everybody : I have the same problem it seems, without enabling the PUP pack (my machine is too slow for that pack although other PUP packs work fine). After a bit of time (maybe 10 minutes), the PIN2DMD display slows down to an horrible crawl and I can’t continue playing.

    It’s really too bad and frustrating as it’s a great table, and it used to work fine for me in the past. I hadn’t played it in a while so I’m not sure of everything I updated since then. I have the latest VPX 10.6 and SAM , recent (2.55) Pin2DMD firmware. DDraw is at 0 for fullscreen mode and at91jit is at 0 too in my registry for the various roms. I’ve tried 1.56h and 1.60hc (both with the color palette) , deleted the nvrams , tried not inserting credits, changed the backglass… but the issue persists.

    If you have any other clues, don’t hesitate !


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