Reply To: The Walking Dead PuPPack Bloody Side Edition


    Interesting suggestion !  I did notice in the past that with AT91JT at “1” , sometimes it would be possible to launch tables which normally crash by first launching another table, then quitting the game and launching the problematic table. It is not something that works all the time on my PC at least though.

    Today, I tried to first launch 3-4 tables (including ACDC, Big Buck Hunter and non-color DMD tables) then Walking Dead set at AT91JT=1, but it crashed all the time. I also tried to launch without the color palette, still crashed.
    Finally, after first launching Walking Dead with rom twd_156 (non colored , regular edition) and quitting I managed to successfully launch Walking Dead LE (twd_160hc ) with AT91JT=1.
    Sadly after a bit of time, the DMD became super slow yet again…


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