Reply To: Darling Restoration


    Thanks to a heads up from @BorgDog I was able to get some replacement parts from a guy on Pinside who is parting out a Jubilee (4 player Darling) for the cost of shipping plus the extra $25 I sent him for helping me out.  Here is the new lockdown bar as well as the new and old central plastic and plunger cover.  The new plastic is more yellowed than the ones I got with the machine, anyone ever de-yellow clear plastic?


    The final fill coats of KBS Diamond are on and the cupped/low plastics have all been filled.

    Before KBS


    After KBS and keylining


    Everything has been sanded flat so its all dull.


    I cut some KBS by 25% with xylene to make it flow as well as possible and put on a thin coat to have something to work with for the final sanding and polishing.  We’ll see how it looks when it dries, I may add another coat.




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