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    Looks like a good pla

    Nice job!

    I am in the process of building my mini as well. I am using my older I5 proc and MB that came out of my larger cab when I upgraded it to an I7. I found a cheap GTX 1050 Ti graphics card as well. For the monitors I am using a 19″ wide screen and a 24″ monitor for the PF and BG, then I am using an old 15″ LCD panel (turned portrait) that I pulled from an old laptop for the DMD. You can find driver boards for these on Amazon to adapt them to VGA, DVI or HDMI. I have an old I-pac and cabinet buttons from a previous MAME build as well. Although I may steal your mini shaker and gearbox ideas!

    The only thing I have not figured out is how to make some sort of lockdown bar. I am good with woodworking, but not metal :unsure: . Can you give a little detail on how you made yours?


    Looks like a good plan. Why turn the 15′ portrait? If you keep it landscape it gives you a place to put topper videos.


    As for the lockdown bar, I’m neither a woodworker or metalworker. I just winged it.  I measured the distance across on the lock bar, cut right on the 90 deg bend and then folded it down, then cut a 45 degree and folded it down, then radiused the corner and used a hammer to flatten as well as I could.


    I started to take pics, but decided I needed to just do it while I was inspired. I’ll see if I n draw something and post in a bit. I think I also have a piece left over that I measured wrong and can take a pic.



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