Reply To: vpinmame and freezys issue


    Could it be a matter of 32 bit vs 64 bit? When I setup vpinmame I installed the vpinmame32 file and not 64. When I installed freezys dll I probably installed the 64 bit because that is what my os is.?? :unsure:

    You did what ? That is just wrong. Keep everything 32bit for now. Only guys that are able to compile their stuff themselves, and understand each component completely should go that route. Sure, you have a 64bit OS, so that means it can address and use all the memory your machine has efficiently. Doesn’t mean you should install 64bit when ever you see that as an option. Tom Spiers had some releases of PinballX install the 64bit version if you didn’t keep attention to the installer. I warned him it was a bad ide. A few releases later he came crawling back to defaulting it to 32bit.


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