Reply To: Metallica line 93 error


    Thank you fellows. I actually commented one of the lines at the top of the script as suggested using the old mtl_170h rom and now the table loads fine. Using the new mtl_180h rom file (bin named mtl180le.bin inside the zip), gives me a rom path error message, so not sure what I could be doing wrong. It’s working, but would like to update the rom if it’s beneficial.

    I would say it is not beneficial up upgrade to mtl180. Sure, new rule set that is easier and some different lights etc. But, there is no FastFlip hack for VPM so you go back to having the flippers fluctuate between 0ms and 20ms response time. I’ve tested 180 myself to see what changed, but, until colored patch exists, Rob has said he isn’t putting the effort into making 180 optimized.


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