Reply To: Darling Restoration


    Floating mylar, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.  Mine are stick down ones from Pinball Resource and I also picked up a new pinball so that it doesn’t mar the playfield.

    Thanks @Randr!  The playfield turned out OK, the dark blue that I mixed matched really well until the KBS went on and then it turned darker than the original paint so there are darker blue spots all over the table.  The light blue and pink both match perfectly and the green is off by a little but not near as bad as the dark blue.  Probably bothers me more than anyone who would see the table for the first time.

    The scoring issue with the kickers turned out to be a non-issue.  I forgot that for the scoring to take place the switch needs to be closed durning the entire run of the score motor and I just tripped the switch and let it go when I tested it.


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