Reply To: Darling Restoration


    Everything is now back together and most importantly everything works!  The final issue that I’m working with is getting the two side kickers that are just above the flippers to both kick the same way.  The one on the right is pretty much perfect but the one on the left will kick 4 out of 5 balls to the other side but will not get the last one over more than once every 20 tries or so.  I’ve cleaned the linkages, made sure the return springs are identical, decreased the table slope, assured no side to side tilt, put the table onto the high tap (31v AC vs 29v AC), aimed the kickers and made sure that the trigger wire is not effecting the ball trajectory.

    The last thing to try is to pull both coils and see if they have the same resistance and switch them side to side to see if that makes a difference.  They seem to be “newer” coils becasue they have plastic sleeves and the rest of the table has metal sleeves.  They also don’t show any signs of toasting of the plastic base or fish tape.

    Here are photos of the table as it stands now.



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