Reply To: Star Wars Trilogy (Sega 1997)


    I had the same issue but increasing the power of the top kicker (Red Arrow) from 10 to 15 resolved it for me.

    The only other thing that I see from time to time is when shooting back up the Falcon ramp(Blue) the magnet does not catch the ball when the green xwing light is lit.  So the ball goes on around and come back to the right flipper and the table thinks the ball is in the Xwing and is asking you to shoot the gap in the drop targerts. Strange thing is, it’s not all the time. I reduced the flipper strength a bit and it seemed to help some but not all the time. It’s odd, almost like the magnet is not active the first time the ball is shot up that ramp.  It’s not keeping me from playing it though. Great work on this 32!


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