Color Correct Extraction (CCX ) lighting model

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      Day and Night Transition explained:

      Just want to share the details of what it is I have been working on, and what I call ‘Color Correct Extraction’ aka: CCX, and works in conjunction with my Day and Night transcode .

      Instead of pushing color onto a table, I prefer the results of pulling color from a tables contents/elements, and what I found is: if properly applied to the day and night cycle, would give more realistic light qualities based on the D&N settings. This would improve the table visuals greatly at next to no GPU cost.

      So for months (2) I have been working on and tweaking the data, modifying the script, and testing , to arrive at what can be surmised in this chart, and this chart is only a summary of what is in effect happening.


      So as you can see the light spectrum on the left, and D&N conditions below. As D&N is modified, so does the influence of CCX. In the dark zone, red & green influence will be very present due to more local lighting influence. By the time you reach mid intensities,The blue spectrum will override giving the impression the blue sky (diffused) is adding to the lighting conditions of the table. Then finally when Full light is reached , CCX will go into what I call neutral light, where no particular color is competing/influencing , but rather all RGBs are equal. Now I can, and I have modified how CCX influence can be altered to other effects, so that the general behavior shown here can also be modified and is not static.

      Just want to add a point about games, Yes VP is a simulation game, and games are very synergistic, and what I mean is: it’s the sum total of its parts. So the lighting would be nothing without the sound , texturing , modeling, scripting ,coding and various other tasks. The lighting is only one part of a complex series of tasks that culminate to make what is called a VPX table, and the part I work on is just that: one part.

      So what would all this be without examples, So here is Cactus Canyon with D&N+CCX and Shadows.
      images are: 1: Dark , 2: Mid light ,and 3: Full light


        So just out of interest I try a different setting for the Environment Emission Scale from 1.0 to 3.0, Just too see the effect It’s a component I wish would be controlled in script but isn’t sadly, so here is a Mid range image with a setting of 3 rather than 1:


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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