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    Hello, I have mostly everything working fine with a sainsmart 8 relay except when I hold the flipper button down I hear the relay firing on the board and get just a little flipper jitter that will bounce the ball around. I am not sure how to get it to stop from what I have read it should be a pulse on the flipper button meaning it should fire and release till pressed again but a press and hold causes it to fire over and over again. No issues with the other assignments i.e pop bumpers and slingshots. Thanks for your help.

    Siemens 24v solenoids

    Dedicated 24v power supply

    Diodes on each solenoid & solid ground



    Not sure what encoder you are using but do you have sticky key disabled in windows? Maybe just your keyboard setting

    We need a POP front end signature!!! Or no?


    I am using the ipac 2 sticky keys are turned off in windows. But that is a point in the right direction as I think I just need to turn off windows repeat on key press. Off in windows works, ipac still sends on button held down.

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    Problem resolved, the ground wire on the IPAC had become broken, replaced and working as it should now. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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