Gate (modular mapping) 3D by Dark

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      Gates 3D model modular template by Dark


      The main focus of this version of the ‘modular’ Gate is allowing authors to texture map them selves.  Custom’texture baked’ textures come for each part but the Gatetopmapping comes with a legend to make inserting your own textures fairly easy and modular.  You can play with the sizing of this mesh in VP to make it wider or longer to suit your needs, if you resize it and the texture becomes ‘stretched’ simply increase the resolution of the texture map and insert your texture in such a way that it will compensate for the stretching – you should be able to get a fairly wide variety of sizes without having the stretching be too much of an issue.  If you come up with some nice textures for this I would encourage you to share them with the community as all my models and texture maps are free to be modded – just provide credit where credit is due.



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