The Pinball Arcade – updated with Ghostbusters!

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    The Loafer

      Hey there,


      They already had ghostbusters on the newer consoles and yesterday they updated it for mobile.  Didn’t try the consoles and the lighting on ios is non-existent.  However today the Steam version of TPA got it and the DX rendering is pretty good, turn the room lighting down and the colors pop.


      Doubt this will get much traction here (kind of sacrilegious I know…) but.. there ya go, if you have access to the PC version, check it out. If you have season 7 purchased its automatically added as part of this season.


        whats TPA hehehe  ;-)


          I cant find this anywhere. What platforms are you talking about? is it pinball arcade or stern pinball arcade ? they are two different things



            Ben Logan2

              Sound files are crackly. Physics still pinball-pong. Mechanical sounds such as rail sliding and ball collision with objects is either missing or anemic. I really want to like TPA. But they just consistently miss the mark. People who ordered in advance as part of SPA package are currently left hanging. What company punishes for pre-ordering?!

              I bought GB anyway. It’s kinda fun. Had a Steam gift card. T2 remains their best work, imo.

              Playing TPA makes me appreciate VP all the more.


                What company punishes for pre-ordering?! .

                EA, Ubisoft, Nintendo, and far to many alpha dev. I probably forgot a few more also.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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