Tron Legacy (Stern 2011) (PUP-Pack Edition 1.5) (SSF, Lightmod 1.2)

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      Tron Legacy (Stern 2011) (PUP-Pack Edition 1.5) (SSF, Lightmod 1.2)

      This table is an updated version of my original PuP Edition mod. This update is specifically made to take advantage of PinUP Player’s new PuPCapture feature that can trigger videos based on real-time monitoring of the table’s DMD images. As a result I was able to add alot more videos for more modes than I could before (such as End of Line MB, and Sea of Simulation) A brief video demo of the table can be seen in this video towards the end at about 8:26.

      To be able to use the new PuPCapture feature, I needed to replace all of the original PuP commands with DOF Exx commands. Therefor there are NO PuP commands in the table at all. However, my original code meant to work with PuP is still used. The only difference is it now uses the new DOF Exx commands in order to work with the new PuP-Pak (Videos) I created.



      You MUST have DMDext 1.6 installed, and then PinUP Player 1.20+ installed in order to use the required PuPCapture function that this table uses.

      For PuPCapture to work correctly for this table, you will need to have your DMD colour for this table (in VPinMAME) set to:

      Red: 77

      Green: 125

      Blue: 255


      Tron Legacy (Stern) PinUp Player Pack (BackGlass and Topper)

      System:  Visual Pinball Player (version 10.4+)

      All Video, Media and Artwork by TerryRed
      PuP-Pack Editor & PuPCapture files by TerryRed


      Ensure there are no files in your PUPVideostrn_174h folder (if that folder already exists).

      Copy the PuP-Pack (trn_174h) folder into your PUPVideos folder.

      (example: C:Visual PinballTablesPinUpPlayerPUPVideostrn_174h).

      Background Videos:

      Backglass:  Enabled by default

      Topper   :  Enabled by default

      (note background settings are configurable by using PinUPPackEditor.exe)

      Installation Notes:

      The Backglass has a default setting to enable a looping Background Backglass video.  You can remove your existing Tron Legacy.directb2s file as it is not needed. (and won’t be seen while using this PuP-Pack)

      The Topper has a default setting to enable a looping Background Topper Video.  If you are using your own Topper Video (through Pinball X) you should either disable the Topper Background video (using PinUPPackEditor), or replace it with your own video.

      This PuP-Pack is designed for people with Backglass and Toppers.

      If you do not have a Topper screen, you do not need to use the PuP Topper if you don’t want to. You can disable this just for this table only using the PinUPPackEditor.


      Tron Legacy (Stern 2011) (PUP-Pack Edition 1.5, SSF, Lightmod 1.2)

      PinUp Player PuP-Pack Edition mod : TerryRed

      PinUP Player PuP-Pack: TerryRed

      PinUp Player created by: NailBuster

      VPX table created by: ICPJuggla, freneticamnesic (original FP to VPX conversion).

      Dozer: Light Mod: V1.2: Reworked ramp light pipe reflections and recognizer sweep shadow. Fixed desktop mode element alignment. Fixed desktop mode shadow placement and movement

      RustyCardores: Surround sound mod, new sounds added (where there were none)

      DJRobX: Updated physics and code to bring table inline with VPX 10.4 routines. ROM-controlled GI and PWM flasher support. Prettier Ball.

      HauntFreaks: File size optimization

      Other credits: Rom and GLXB (original FP table version), SLAMT1LT (Ultimate Edition FP version, and inspiration for this table mod)

      PinUp Player is a program that lets you play any video file on your Backglass, Topper, DMD, or any other screen using VLC media player. These videos can be controlled through the table’s script, switches, triggers, lights, B2S calls, or PuPCapture DMD image monitoring.

      Since this is a rom based table. I have no access or control over any of the game code or actions. I literally made A LOT of new code specifically for PUP that works based on only triggers / switches from the game, and the playfield lights and neon ramp colour logic. It’s a miracle I was able to pull this off, as this works with most MB modes, as well as the jackpots,etc all having unique videos with titles,etc.

      I hope you enjoy this new evolution for VP!

      Thanks again to the original table authors for their amazing work!

      PLEASE read all of the instructions for important info related to PuP setup and this table.

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