VPinMame 2.9 and anti alaising Issue

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      Using a Vishay Plasma DMD with a PinDMD2, upgraded to Vpinmame 2.9, and when changing the Anti Alaising option in 2.9, nothing takes affect.  I verified the changes in the registry for the global settings and per rom, but they never change.  If I install 2.8, everything works fine. (except for the awesome tables that require 2.9 :(    )

      Tried uninstalling/wiping the registry settings several times, but no luck.  Moved the PinDMD2 .dll into the core folder as well.  Everything works fine, antialiasing just doesn’t take affect. (Rom sound is a little off here an there in 2.9 as well).

      Has anyone else has this issue or is this a known bug?

      Is there away to run both 2.9 and 2.8 together?


      Finally figured this out, was a PITA! Here are some links (if they are allowed here) – I missed the core .dll files for PinDMD that were updated from 2.8.

      Install VpinMame 2.8b


      Then Install the latest Beta Files from here – (Really just need everything except the VPinMAME.dll) Make sure to copy your specific files for your version of PinDMD into the root folder if your using a real dmd.


      And then the latest Sam Build – (Run Setup.exe again with the new Sam build in the root of the Vpinmame folder, and make sure to setup your defaults!)




        Maybe Carny can confirm this, but aren’t these files all in the latest “final” (non-beta) package?


          Latest SAMbuild beta can be found in the first post of this thread


          If there has been an unreleased update of dmddevice.dll then I’ll include them. Otherwise, you can pick them up in the beta thread for the official VPM distribution. The link to the VPM beta thread on VPForums is in my post at VPU.


            Yep nothing new here, just a fix to my crazy issue.  I didn’t realize you needed the latest beta build, and then the latest official rev 4245 on top of the beta build. This is what happens when you don’t touch your cabinet for over a year! :)


              Tyson – were you getting DMD flicker I have the exact same DMD and PinDMD 2, and ever since upgrading everything, my DMD is flickering in all DMD games (new and old). Never had this problem before now, driving me crazy. Wondering if this is what you were experiencing?

              EDIT/Update – I followed the steps Tyson mentioned and it fixed my DMD Flicker issue. Not sure what I did wrong the first time when I followed the original instructions, but doing it over in the order he mentioned cleared up my issue (on all tables, new and old). TWD, Mustang, etc. all run fine too. Thnx!


                Glad you got it figured out MaxAsh.  I think the biggest issue I had is that I only updated the latest SamBuild .dll, and didn’t grab all of the beta files for 2.9.

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