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    I made this some time ago but thought I’d share stuff here.

    I built my own cabinet (mostly) from scratch and my friend produced the artwork that went on it. Its a Thurston Magician themed cabinet, in the style of the old victorian magic posters.

    Rough build notes:

    •  TV is a 40″ Panasonic I think. I destroyed a 40″ Samsung tv when decasing….word of advice, don’t turn the tv upside down with a Samsung. The top of the tv is not secured so all the internals fell out!
    • Backglass is a 27″ ACER monitor
    • PinDMDv3 (freezy to the rescue!)
    • Analogue plunger support (I have also since added a Launch Button below the plunger too just to have both)
    • Nudge sensing
    • Kinect (tbh, really not done anything with this yet. Currently I only play VP and PinballFX tables anyway)


    Next on my list is to start delving into DOF stuff. I’m thinking on remounting my TV a bit flatter and lower, then redoing the glass (to remove the blackout edges). Then i’m thinking on mounting LED strip lights either side, with flashers (or LED matrix) at the rear. Then solenoids etc for some flipper and force feedback.

    Here’s an imgur album of the build at its various stages (also, since this has done, I’ve removed the computer from its case and mounted it to the cabinet, including tidying up all the wires and cables a bit).

    Virtual Pinball Build

    Final build image,

    Final Build


    looks great! couple things i could nit pick, no pinball machine should have rectangle buttons on the front maybe change those out to round buttons? Install the version of monster bash pinball table from here too!!! LMAO


    Yeah i’m not a huge fan of the square buttons either. Will eventually be replaced I’m sure.


    No idea what version of the table that is, since then I’ve redownloaded and replaced so many table files. I know for a fact I’ve been through so many version of that table too. Think I currently have the version from the Italian site of the same name. Might redownload the one from here though and give it another go!

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    I’m kidding about the monster bash table…sorta… but the cab does look good! Great job. DOF is the way to go for sure you will love it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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