Reply To: Verne’s World (Spinball 1996)


    Thanks for this recreation: very good table!

    I’ve applied the line given by BorgDog in order to get credit key working and it works! Thanks!

    After a few tests I noticed that the Extraball key didn’t work, and in fact pushing it makes the game crasy by adding balls again and again…

    I’ve tried to find how to fix it in the script and in the forum but didn’t found anything about that…

    So I took a look at the recent JollyPark table from JP and tryed to find the solution: found and it works!

    I think it can help some people so I decided to post it here ;)

    To get Extraball button working we can add the following line (near line 198) :

    If KeyCode = KeyFront Then Controller.Switch(75) = 1 ‘Add extra ball, Keyfront is usually the key nr “2”

    Also you have to remove this one to delete the ‘addball’ function using the same key (you can just comment it like this) :

    ‘ if keycode = 3 then bstrough.addball 0: debug.print “drain”

    I hope it will help a few people :)

    Thanks to all! :good:

    I am getting an invalid character error when launching the table after adding your code.


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