Reply To: Should I release minor mods


    Thanks for a great and long response, wrd! I have a highest level of respect for you and the other “high level” table authors among this amazing community. It would never ever even cross my mind to mod your amazing pinbot for example. Why would I? (Or even could?) It’s so close to perfection already.

    The tables I have touched the most are older and more… technically primitive ones like Congo, Elvis, Ripleys Believe or not, Big Bang Bar, Fish Tales, Twilight Zone, Theatre of Magic, CV, TOTAN and the like..

    With those not absolutely photorealistically perfect tables, I can make a difference with my skills in texturing, lighting and shadows plys keen visual eye for details… So all you super skilled pros, fear not: I’m not going to just tinker your amazing pieces of art thinking I can make them better. I can’t and won’t. I’m not good enough for that. :bye:

    Too bad. Regarding LoadedWeapon, I recall that he’d drop a Mod within 24 hours of a from scratch VP9 build. I was always a bit shocked. But he never seemed to draw much pushback. At the time, his lighting was just that good.  :unsure:

    I never released any mods, but the few times that I have fixed some items for myself (ex. fixing Family Guy mini-playfield insert lights) that I wanted to share I simply described the steps that allowed others to make the same fix for themselves. Something like that doesn’t even break the spirit of the law IMO, and would certainly be appreciated by me. Or a general mini-tutorial on your particular approach to mods might be helpful if there are techniques that carry over from table to table. I sort of know my way around the VP editor, but I’m far from an expert.


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