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    @DjRob I’m grateful to Did and specially to u for your awesome table and continuous work (I can’t tank u enough all your VPX improvements), but sincerely, my two cents are that he didn’t have time or motivation to do something with my changes, he said “creative differences”, I don’t remember exactly what he took from my changes, but something between nothing and 1%, at least the backglass light reflections were fixed, they were upside down on the first release, and the table log says Draifet physics but wasn’t true at all cause no object physics were imported, probably nothing more. I can understand texture changes, materials and lights as a personal taste, but not updating the plastics for anothers with increased resolution and detail, gameplay fixes (ball can dissapear on the targets, or fall from the ramp, and other small issues), or the modified playfield, isn’t questionable on my opinion. The light of the playfield was originally very low cause as u said the first playfield was very blurry and was a fix to hide the bad resolution, the new one is composed with stitched photos, I erased the visible seams, light artifacts, and photo noise (I like a lot the scratches and defects of the real photos and are still there), I changed the shape to fit better the elements of the original table that was build over the old playfield, and added new light playfield images cause I think some of the inserts were out and they look like a brown empty circle, how all of this fits as “creative differences”?… Of course I did a lot of other new changes since then, and finally fixed the X-Wing mode light, for this reason I tried to contact Did but no answer, as I already said I think he is busy with other real life chores. And the result of that treatment was i get frustated and abandoned my other projects, a Whirldwind and Congo mod, and I never again tried to do my own 3D ramps or baked light. Just telling¬†my experience in case it serves to draw some conclusion about mods and for my own relief. I express myself very bad in english, sorry hehe.

    Have a nice weekend.


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