Reply To: Totem (Gottlieb 1979) Mod 1.0


    I guess I have to look again at Terry’s video about the definitions for switches (thanks a bunch Terry). But, I believe he said it was S. So, I would expect the dofconfigtool to be configiured to fire off solenoids #14 when  the bumper is hit. I looked at Totem and I can only find S6 – not S14. But, well, I don’t have access to the Totem manual so I can’t be sure what is the correct one and/or if I’ve understood this correctly.

    I would then expect – if the table script is right that the S6 in configtool should be S14. “10 Bumper Middle Right”.

    To actually answer the question correctly. I would need access to the Totem manual. And maybe, just maybe, would I be able to verify. The table script seems to use the same Solenoid for the bumpers. It may very well be that they where.

    Please take my explanation with a grain of salt. I’m definitely not an expert on these things.



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