Reply To: Totem (Gottlieb 1979) Mod 1.0


    I guess someone smarter than us have to figure this one out :)

    Here is btw some doc about PulseSW.

    This class is used to simplify timed events required for VPinMAME.

    A single instance of this class is available as “vpmTimer”.

    ·        Method: .PulseSwitch switch, time, command

    ·        Method: .PulseSw sw
    Pulses (quick on-off) switch and then execute command after time has elapsed.

    switch:          switch to pulse

    time:          time until callback is called in ms (1/1000s)

    command:          Execute this string when timer expires.
    switch number will be added at the end


                  1. Walls do not have UnHit events.

    Sub Wall10_Hit : vpmTimer.PulseSw 10 : End Sub

                  2. Under playfield handling. Trigger switch 8, wait 0.5s and then call

    vpmTimer.PulseSwitch 8,500,”SubwayHandler”

    Sub SubwayHandler(swNo)

       If swNo = 8 Then ...


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