Reply To: PinUP System (Player and Popper Front-End) Install


    Are you switching to Portrait, or changing you screens around or changing resolutions before launching FX3?

    If so, then that is your problem…and that will cause an issue for both PBX and Popper / PuP as the positioning of the video windows gets messed up when the table is launched.

    Hmm. Interesting. But I don’t believe that’s the issue. All resolutions are 1920×1080 and fixed.  I do rotate the playfield with a batch file and a program called Display, but its done before PBX is launched and only for PBX, after that its a standard landscape and I don’t believe the programs have any idea that the system was ever in portait. Popper/PUP works fine (AFM, AVATAR ect. ), as does VPX tables.


    I’ll shutdown the batch file and test.


    So no simple toggle or trigger to just force a Topper or backglass to run and loop until exit?


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