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    Yesterday as I tried to check… I’ve recognized that ACDC needs more time than AFM.

    Just to get an idea of it… What’s “normal” time from “press play button” to “ready” table?

    Is there a way to measure it (logfile or so)?

    I measured it by cam recording calling it via cmd line:

    vpx.exe -Play tables\ACDC_LUCI.vpx

    10.5 (which came with installer): around 26 secs

    10.6 (latest): around 43 secs

    using B2S Server, DOF.

    Tables are running fine then… So this isn’t really a problem.

    Working with windows sometimes issues appear where there haven’t been issue before…

    This longer loading time should be gone when using rev 3608 or newer.. (it has a SMAA bug for now though (which is already fixed internally))

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