Reply To: vpinmame and freezys issue



    I’m assuming you read the whole Topic but just in case you didn’t is this something I’m doing wrong or is there an issue

    Running Windows 10 64 bit
    I am using 32 bit for all
    I’m having the same issue or something very similar

    VP-9 works fine
    If I use alternate settings (Position/size) with (freezy) it will not work with VP-10
    I have tried the 4 different Dll files, they all do the same thing
    If I remove the alternate settings then it works but then it’s not on the screen where I want it

    ;Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    virtualdmd left = 2455
    virtualdmd top = 673
    virtualdmd width = 720
    virtualdmd height = 62

    The log is the same for Either VP, except for the fact that it says which VP is running


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