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    Sorry in advance Skitso for using your post for my own purpose :rose:

    This is my list of unreleased table “mods”/fixes that deserve to be named on my opinion (I do small changes on almost all the released tables), a reminder just in case one of the authors see this post and wants to see/share them:

    Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally 1989): bumper animation fixed, clipping on some plastics fixed, added missing ramp decals, some material changes (posted on the support post but no answer).

    Simpsons, The (Data East 1990): fixed some of the non working lights, clipping on some plastics fixed, added a shadow layer and optional toys, material changes, some wall fixes (the author agreed to update the table, but I think he forgot about this one cause a lot of months passed since then).

    Swords of Fury mod (Williams 1988): I already participated on this mod, but I did some small new enhancements and fixed the size of the top flippers (the author is taking a break, maybe randr can update it for him?).

    Ghostbusters (Stern 2016): New ramp texture, one plastic and playfield enhancements, ball light clipping fixed, a ramp wall fixed (table banned, I never asked the authors).

    Jurassic Park (Data East 1993): Some super small changes on the awesome playfield redraw, modified a little the T-Rex textures and the bumpers, and fixed the egg light (posted here on the support topic but no answer).

    Star Wars (Data East 1992): My most loved mod, a lot of work on the already awesome 4K playfield, new plastics with increased resolution, almost all the lights modified, new textures, added optional toys, a shadow layer, some fixes and new physics, and a lot of other details, still working on it sometimes since the release, I really want to share this one (the author don’t answer my PMs anymore, and I don’t see him here neither, but I’m afraid he can return some day and get angry if I share this without his permission).

    Tales of the Arabian Nights Skitso mod (Williams 1996): Some playfield and material modifications (I think I told him but I forgot to share the file, if still interested send me a PM Skitso!).

    All the other small mods and fixes I did are already available to download on the official releases cause I contacted the author and he added them to his own updates, usually with credits.

    I love mods, please if someone read this and wants to share his own mods with me privately please tell me, alsto the small ones if they go beyond changing the physics and light preferences hehe. :heart:

    I for one subjectively enjoy carefully upscaled textures, new plastics, 3D primitives, etc. I don’t think it is such a clear demarcation about what constitutes major versus minor improvements.

    EATPM – too bad on that one cause that’s a personal favorite, 32A tends to accept changes but people have picked on his stuff before which I think would be demotivating. There is constructive criticism and there is pushing, pushing, pushing for some agenda.

    Star Wars – try @djrobx as a co-author? He seems to be taking a little break, but he’s responsive at least at VPU.

    Did incorporated the things that he liked from Draifet’s mods in the latest version (unless Draifet has made more changes, which I’m sure he has, LOL)

    They have some creative differences with how they want the table presented (for example, Draifet likes a brighter playfield).     I know Did takes pride in that table and wants to keep ownership of it.   I think if you’re really eager to share your work, you could use the VPU table patching system or something like that to ensure Did’s version remains the primary table but still share your changes.

    I can’t speak for Did but I would think even sharing a dropbox link to your version is fine.  Just don’t upload the table as a “new version” (like a Hannibal mod).


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