Reply To: Tom & Jerry (Williams 2018)


    One thing you can do if you feel that the ball rolling sound is too low is to export the ballrolling samples from Jaws and replace them with these. I haven’t checked but I expect they have the same filenames. Mark all – delete, then just import and select all the exported ones.

    You can also inside the

    Function Vol(ball)

    Vol = Csng(BallVel(ball) ^2 / 2000)

    End Function

    Change the 2000 to something lower. If you change that – you might want to change the same number inside OnBallBallCollition Sub.

    This is partly why I used Const on these values in the scripts repo. Much easier to tune to your liking.

    Thanks Thalamus. Yeah I’ve learned by now how to tweak different effects in few ways, just wonder how is author’s system set up if sound levels are fine for him? Lately I’ve found several tables to either have some effects insanely loud or almost muted compared to others included in same table.


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