Excellent work ScottyWic! And thanks TerryRed for the amazing DOF. I have a bug list and questions.

The Table

Once I finish a game, the DMD repeats the parchment and doesn’t go back to Demo mode. I turned off the Orbital Scoreboard to give your server a break.
the Moaning Myrtle video is much quieter than the others for the Wand Lock.
When I hit the Potion Cauldron, it seems that the ball gets caught in the bottom where the wall pops up and doesn’t spin with the base for at least two seconds. I don’t know if I miss out on spins with the counter up top though.
The TriWizard Lake Multiball goes off during the Unforgivable Curses when I hit the left ramp. It then proceeds to cancel the Curse game and go right to multibal with two balls. The timer then runs out but the mode stays lit that way as well as the video playing. Once the balls drain I lose the music for the rest of the game. During the multiball I also lose sounds from the dragon. When I restart a game after Ball 3, the music is still gone. I close out of the table and when I try to load it up again (without restarting VPX) I get a Fatal Error concerning shader compilation failed. I have to close out of VPX and restart clean.

Not a bug, but rather a request to add some sort of sound when the ball is ejected from the MiniGame scoop or hits the GOBLET letters. It just seems a little quiet for the ball to strike something and no feedback is heard.

also, for TerryRed, when the cauldron spins, what was the intention for the DOF to fire? My Sainsmart relay buzzes like hell but I didn’t notice anything like my shaker or such going off. Just curious.

Thanks again for such great work and devotion and building an amazing community of pinballers. Happy to be a part of it!

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