@thalamus Also, I really encourage you (and everyone) really burn those huge cabinets and go for a stubby. Ok well maybe instead of burning sell the current cabinet for the price of a VR helmet if someone still wants to buy it. The VR experience difference is about the same as jumping from old FP tables to these latest VPX creations. I’m not hyped anymore about the VR as I’ve had those things for quite many years and frankly don’t much care how people get side tracked in VP to create those “fancy” environments (that are not that fancy as the outdated engine really can’t offer that beautiful graphics without hacks). I rather just have the VR table in darkness (well I’m a Finn and prefer darkness anyway so YMMV).
It’s the sense of more realistic gameplay your brains provide you after it receives some depth feedback which allows you to perceive the ball movement a lot more closer like in real life machines. Do it :) . Yes it’s a bit buggy mess still but hey so is this whole open source VP anyway.

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