@bigus1 I can appreciate your enthusiasm and speed with which you’re cranking out your mods. I can also appreciate when you dig up some of the forgotten/unrefined titles and try to improve on them. In fact there are probably dozens of titles out there that were released during the early VPX days that could benefit from a “10.6” face lift. I also sincerely appreciate your willingness to jump in and collaborate with new authors and lending a hand with crude VP8/9 conversions.

However.. I just can’t sit silently on the sidelines while a reference original is being ruined by an unnecessary “makover” (and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way). I am scratching my head over here trying to understand in what way this mod is an improvement over the original?? The hockey puck physics? The fluorescent tube lighting? I mean, was there ANYONE who said to you “next I hope you tackle STTNG by Knorr”?? And again why, why are you prioritizing your name in the credits over the original authors? A little humility would go a long way in not coming across like a pompous ass. After all you didn’t author anything here, at the most you played with some lights and physics settings to your liking. Here’s how others do it:


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