Is this a table you will consider purchasing?

This pole is being asked to see what the communities response is to this new Arcade1Up and Zen table.

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  • Yes, I believe in what Zen and Arcade1Up are doing and want to support them
  • Yes, because I want to support Williams Bally licensing its tables
  • Yes I would be interested in adding this table just because it would be an inexpensive option
  • Yes because I am new to video pinball and this looks like a good chance to get my feet wet in the hobby
  • Maybe if the tables play nicely
  • Maybe as long as the cabinet mode of the tables is done nicely
  • No because the table is of an inferior quality to what I would want (ie too low end)
  • No because I am not a Star Wars or Williams Bally fan and the tables I would want are not included in either of these products
  • What is video pinball?
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    Just thought I would share this article I ran into this morning. For those of you who like to support OEM Pinball such there will be official Williams Bally release that will feature 12 tables. There will also be a Star Wars table that features 10 tables. The price? $500-$600 which will include haptic feedback.


    I am looking forward to seeing this in the wild and seeing how it plays. I am sure it won’t be anywhere near the quality many of you have here, but again, its a nice entry for someone who is just getting into the hobby. Hopefully they will continue to iterate on this design once it is released to include more and more functionality like they did with their arcade machines.




    No, because I have better with a standard size vpin cabinet that can run hundreds of games. VPX for ever!


    I’d had the discussion with my husband about how we were just outside of the target market for their offerings except for Star Wars Arcade. And it’s only because I’ve build both a pincab (which handles FX3 easily) and a MAME setup. If it wasn’t for that, we’d have much higher interest. I might still go ahead and play with a demo unit if the opportunity arises.

    Creator of the first PinupPlayer PostDMD mods for VPX - PostDMD for Masters of the Universe VPX and Jaws VPX.
    Head Proprietor of Pisces Pinball, a VPX table developer.
    Lead Technician of MC Chase Amusements, a private arcade in our home basement.


    Don’t know how many failed projects I’ve seen through the years. I honestly still believe that vpx is far closer to any other emulator out there. And, the future for it, looks very promising with vpvr – unity etc. Physics is the hardest part imo to get right. With scripts, I’ve seen it go even closer to the real deal. My hope is that we can get some of the stuff done via scripts, as new parameters into vp. ( mostly flipper physics ).

    I did not read the article. I ignore sites that won’t let me read without ads or sending me spam.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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