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    I built a cabinet about 5 years ago, spent a lot of hours building everything, learned a lot, and it turned out great!  Didn’t really have room for the cabinet at my last house, and sold it!

    Have a new house now, and a dedicated man cave, so it’s time to resurrect my old cabinet!

    Here is my last cabinet –

    I have a Judge Dredd pinball and a Stern Jurassic park on the way!  So this can be widebody or standard.

    I want to change some things up this time around, and have been out of the hobby for a couple years, so looking for some advice!

    So, what’s your dream builds!?

    I definitely want 4k for the playfield, hopefully a flat pack I can just buy and assemble, I built my last cabinet from scratch, from a time perspective looking for a good flat pack, force feedback, and I’m pretty open to everything else!  Also my last cabinet was hard to work on due to slotted TV, so would like a  screen that flips up for easy maintenance!

    Few questions –

    What 4k TV is the go to right now? I’m leaning towards 42” widebody.

    4k for the backbox as well? Any recommendations, size ect?

    I had a real dmd in my last cabinet, and a color dmd before I sold it.   Real dmd with pindmd v3 pinball fx was always a mess to setup. I think dmd can be flexible now days due to the new sterns, so what’s the recommendation for backbox screens and configurations? Two monitors? 3? 6? LoL!

    And light shows/force feedback. I used Zebs boards and light bars in the last cabinet, what’s the recommendations now?  Doesn’t have to be light bars, can be, open to anything!

    If you’ve made it through all of this, let me know your thoughts!  I’ll document the process as well!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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