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    Posted this on freezy’s support site but no feedback yet so thought I would give it a shot here and hope someone has an idea.

    I am using a pinDMD3.

    DMDEXT Test works fine and shows on the monitor and DMD

    When I run the mirror program
    dmdext mirror –source=pinballfx3 –no-virtual everything looks find in the command prompt window.

    Then run Pinball FX3 nothing shows on the DMD during the game. Then when I go back to windows and look at the cmd prompt the following error is on the screen

    Pinball FX3 process found (pid 7628) but DMD not. No game running

    Not sure what the issue as I had it working before and now it doesn’t

    Currently not trying to run this through a front end yet.


    Issue resolved on Pinup facebook group

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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