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    Thanks for the software.  Works great.

    First the minor gripe (constructive criticism)…  The UI and the selection modes in the playlist list controls or grids or whatever is being used there are not good.

    It would be ideal if those lists supported Shift+Click…  In addition, the UI feedback on the Ctrl+Click is wonky…  Unselecting doesn’t ‘unselect’ on screen initially until you move to another item and Ctrl+Click it.  Not the end of the world… but Shift+Click is really needed in all of these list controls when we’re dealing with 100s of games potentially.

    Now the question:  In Configure Playlist, how does the “Custom Filter” work for the available games list?  Is it a Sql query?  Is it wildcarded text?  Can a specific field be specified?  Does it only custom filter on GameName?  Are wildcards supported in the regular ‘Search’ Edit field there?

    I can’t seem to get anything to work except exact GameName match.  I would like to, for example, filter on all games that have 196x in their GameName.  Something like  ‘*196*’ is what I expected would work.

    There are a few other UI issues:  Items not updating/clearing when selections in lists change (when they should)  Happens on the Configure Media screen and others…  But those are just annoyances and don’t effect much.

    Aside from the UI issues and lack of documentation… fantastic product… :good:

    I appreciate what went into it.




    Here’s a bit of constructive criticism for you.

    Don’t say a comment like “Aside from lack of documentation” right after asking a basic question that’s covered in documentation.

    Learn to use/read the pinup wiki as it covers pretty much everything…


    That was constructive…  thanks.  So I took your advice and embarked on a little self-help.

    But even after using the built in site search for “Custom Filter” or “Playlist Filter”, it returned nothing…

    So I took it a step further and had Google take a peek:  site: “Custom Filter”

    Nope.  Nothing.  Perhaps it’s buried in a video I haven’t watched.


    In Configure Playlist, how does the “Custom Filter

    Not sure what you’re trying to do?  but I was able to find this page within a few mins:

    The beauty of PuP is that I can write custom SQL filters for my playlists! The big reason I started to use it.

    I have been “out of the scene” myself for the past 12mths or so, so I am reading the documentation/wiki – its really improved from the early days – to bring me up to speed on PuP and how it works with the latest releases of FX3 and VPX etc.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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