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    IMPORTANT NOTE Make sure you have a key bound for right MagnaSave. Using the right MagnaSave button activates a power-up on this table, and building and using power-ups is a core element of this table's game play.

    Requirements Visual Pinball 10.4.

    About the table My second VPX original is based on the 1985 space shooter Gradius. This is intended to be a table styled on the late-80s alphanumeric display era of pinball, with short ball times, nudging required, and lasers that go "pew!"

    Cabinet support I am allowing open modding of this table. I do not have the hardware to test adding cabinet support. The table should be angle independent and work in full screen mode.

    Rules POWER-UPS: Hit shots with lit capsules to light power-ups. Hit the turquoise center targets to light additional capsules. Use the right MagnaSave button to activate the currently lit power-up. LETTER power-up: Spot a letter in O-P-T-I-O-N. MISSILE power-up: Advance an enemy at a random shot. BUMPERS power-up: Score 100 points per bumper for 25 hits. SPINNER power-up: Score 100 points per spin for 25 spins. OPTION power-up: Light a lock for multiball. BARRIER power-up: Raise drop targets by the outlanes.

    MYSTERY: Complete the green lights at the bottom lanes to light a mystery award at the center saucer.

    MULTIBALL: Hit O-P-T-I-O-N targets or use the OPTION power-up to light lock at the ramps. Lock can be lit up to three times. Locking a ball when no more locks are lit will activate multiball.

    JACKPOT: During multiball, hit each of the ramps once to light jackpot at the side loop.

    ENEMIES: Complete all three blue lights at a shot to defeat enemies and start a hurry-up. Start a hurry-up while another hurry-up is running for bigger points.

    BIG CORE: Hit the drop target below the upper flipper to expose and defeat Big Core.

    BOSS BATTLE: Activate each power-up once, score a jackpot, destroy all enemies, and defeat Big Core to light a boss battle at the center saucer.



    • There are two extra balls available: One from defeating Big Core (yellow targets) for the second time, and one from the mystery award. The fifth mystery award is guaranteed to be an extra ball.
    • The are two five way combos on the table. Make one of them and something good will happen!
    • left ramp > right ramp > left loop > side loop > center saucer
    • right ramp > left ramp > center lane > side loop > center saucer

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