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    So over the past year I’ve had the VPin bug hit me pretty hard, built my own machine and have been playing the tables produced by the community and I’m super impressed with the quality of tables coming out.

    Eventually, I’d be keen to try and “give back” so to speak by producing content myself.

    I’m a programmer by “trade”. I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body so making tables is beyond anything I could do….but I do think I could help out scripting wise.

    Where would be the best place for any tutorials on scripting, just searching over at vpforums?

    Would anyone have a good starting table I could essentially delete the script from and slowly build up from the table file and ROM to get it working, is there in fact a tutorial or guide anywhere that works like this?

    Programming wise, I’ve had a lot of experience with C# (day job) and general python/shell scripting. I’m an ex game developer but think I can pick up the scripting side fine, its just more how PINMame and VPX and the like all “works”…I can understand bits just looking at a script but don’t really know how someone takes a ROM and “does it”, if that makes sense?


    Best way I’ve learned is picking at tables i have downloaded and seeing how things work. Would be great to have more people scripting to help thats for sure!

    Rom based tables are easier then originals or EM’s basically you call the machines switches, solenoids and lights with a rom and it does the rest! But for EM’s or originals you must script EVERYTHING. still lots of fun thats for sure!

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    There are plenty of artistic types that have little to  no programming skill that would likely jump at the opportunity to work with a skilled programmer.



    if you want an actual tutorial

    read through this file in your Visual Pinball folder

    Visual Pinball\Doc\vbsdoc_outdated.html

    its not an actual tutorial,  but it shows you how to script individual  VP components

    it says outdated,  but thanks to VPX components,  the commands still work.



    When people try to build tables,  they want to start building their favorite tables.  Those tables will probably have multiple ramps,  unique toys,  animated toys. this tables require you to have a high skill level in multiple programs.

    I suggest you forget about your favorite tables and start with an early SS table. An SS table that does not have a ramp or unique toy.  The script for this type of tables is very basic.   if you want to script a table the best thing to do is  read trough a VPX table script  and learn how the table is coded (this is what I did).  just know that some VPX tables still have VP9 table building techniques make sure you learn from the right VPX table.   I updated a script a few months ago and uploaded a video.  if you are interested here is a link to the files and video.


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    Thanks for the info 32assassin, that’s exactly the sort of thing I was looking for.


    I really don’t care what the table is, just a good example of a basic SS table and simple ROM to begin with. Sounds like a good starting place!

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