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    Good Morning/afternoon,


    Quite new to this Pincab world, and I have yet to build one (although I have the basic HW, ie displays/PC, I’m still looking at options). I’m based in France, so apologies in advance for my English.

    Reading through various forums I stumbled on several excellent tables, modified by TerryRed, and this raises quite a few questions…

    • What toys configuration is TerryRed working on ? Looks like it’s quite an extensive setup, but I would welcome some details. I’m currently planning a DMD, backglass and playfield, a few light bars, anything beyond that is still open (considering using SSF instead of solenoids, as I’m planning a 27″ playfield for lack of space).
    • What happens if a toy is missing, I would assume the DOFLink interface will simply not activate the corresponding channel ?
    • I have read that SLAM1LT has modified the physics engine of FP using BAM, and is releasing new tables titled “Pro”, and that TerryRed mods are using the old physics engine : any way to convert these “old” releases to the new physics engine ?
    • Looks like SLAM1LT has pulled his old tables, any specific reason ? Can we find them at an alternalte location (besides downloading TerryRed modded versions) ?

    Many thanks and regards




    Not sure about Terryred.

    no idea about slamtilt but sounds like he is trolling for YouTube subscriptions to release tables?

    go here for his tables

    if you don’t have a toy in DOF then you wouldn’t have it setup for your configuration and then it would not matter if it’s missing. Everything is based on your particular setup. DOF is a great tool so don’t worry about what you have or don’t have for toys

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    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
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    Hi Ashram56!


    Terry’s cab was also a big inspiration for my build, I can answer some of this i think but Terry has videos on youtube and his Pinkadia build log which has a LOT more info….


    1. 5 bar flasher (RGB led strips) although terry doesn’t have a center one so it’s only 4. He has also a shaker, blower fan, strobes, rotating beacons and solenoids for the bumpers, slings, flippers. On top of this you might consider adding a bell, chimes, SSF (as you mentioned, could be an alternative to solenoids)… and don’t forget the SWEET addressable led matrix he made! He uses a LCD monitor for the DMD (split with a topper video feed as well as the DMD).
    2. DOF configuration is basically a list of device output channels that you have available in your hardware. For example, Say you had 48 outputs available on a controller board (LEDWIZ or whatever) you physically connect a toy to channel 8 (say a strobe), then in DOF config you simply set channel 8 to whatever the toy should be. From then on, when a game says “i will fire the strobe” channel 8 on the device would be made active and whatever you have connected there will fire off, in this example the strobe will flash!  If you don’t have a toy or anything connected to that channel you simply wouldn’t map it in DOF config.
    3. I don’t use FP on the cab (yet).
    4. I believe this is Slam’s site currently. Someone will correct me if i’m wrong but there is a post from today! –


    Welcome to the jungle!  :good:


    oops didn’t see the previous answer due to my long-ass response and the phone ringing in the middle of writing it!


    My cabinet is no different than many others out there in terms of toys, lighting feedback,etc. randr’s cabinet is what inspired me! :) That said, there are MANY better looking cab to use as a reference. Times have changed since the release on Pinup Player. Many people are now using a single 16:9 middle screen (under the backglass) similar to Stern tables for their cabinet now.


    One big point with SSF….

    …..just like VPX, a FP table needs to be updated to support DOF and SSF. There are more tables on both VPX and FP that support solenoids then there are that support SSF.


    To clarify…SLAMT1LT didn’t modify anything with FP. BAM’s (from Ravarcade) latest features has allowed for scriptable dynamic physics (among MANY other things) to be used for FP tables. This (like most of BAM’s new features) requires the table to be updated. Nothing is automatic. That said…if one wants they can fairly easily apply the updates if they want to take the time to do so.


    I will progressively update newer released FP tables for DOFLinx / SSF / PuP as they come. I certainly plan on updating some classics at some point to use newer BAM features.


    Yes, I’m not sure why he felt the need to release tables as he gets  more subs to his channel. The fact that his channel name (VirtuaPinball) sounds similar to Virtua Pin makes it that much more difficult for anyone to (want to) find it. ;)



    Many thanks for all your help

    Lucky for me, looks like your Tron table is SSF enabled :-)

    That said I’m slightly confused on SSF vs solenoids, I was under the impression that DOFLink would replace solenoids with SSF if the former were not available (I think I had read this somewhere, but of course I can’t find the reference anymore).

    Anyway, any tutorial to:

    • Convert to SSF
    • Convert to newer physics existing release (especially those from TerryRed, which are my golden standard :-))


    Thanks !

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