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    I’m building a mini pinball cabinet, very basic setup. I got a weecade also in my room and after trying pinballx and other pinball emulators I’ve finally decided to build a cabinet. It’s a pretty cheap build (under 300$), just using an Acer minipc Ak1, Sanwa joystick and buttons, 22″ inch playfield display and little hdmi monitor for backglass.

    Windows 10 pro

    I got 211 working tables (future pinball, pinball arcade, fx3), not using visual because vpx is too hot for my machine, I’ll give a try in a later stage, but I don’t think a “stranger things” table will run at all…

    I’ve built the wood cabinet in 1 day, but now still many tweaks to refinish everything. I’ll post some images or video when finished!



    Here my mini pinball, have to put some metal finish on the front and tweak a little bit more Future Pinball to improve the gameplay. Pinball Arcade and FX3 work fine. For a 200$ minipc, the ak1 is doing the job very well. Can you suggest some good future pinball tables that play smooth and have 0 problems? I got only 21 but have found many with bugs…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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